Do You Want to Know More About Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Have You Decided to use the Alternative Cancer Cure called “Protocel,”

But Have Questions About How To Use It?


Tanya Is Now Offering Phone Consultations to Answer Your Questions!

As author of the Amazon bestselling book, OUTSMART YOUR CANCER, Tanya Harter Pierce is knowledgeable about many different powerful alternative cancer treatments.  She has communicated directly with hundreds of cancer patients recovering with non-toxic methods, especially those using the Protocel cancer treatment approach.  Protocel  is one of the easiest alternative cancer treatments to use, but there are key DO’s and DON’Ts that are critical to follow.

Just one phone call about how to take this amazing liquid formula for optimum results can make a HUGE difference and put you on the right track!


This type of conversation can be invaluable and allows you to:

  • Discuss alternative cancer treatments you are considering.
  • Receive Protocel Help if that is the approach you have chosen for yourself.
  • Have a compassionate listener to talk to. As a retired marriage and family therapist, Tanya can provide emotional support in this regard.
  • Receive several free email communications with Tanya AFTER YOUR CALL. These are included in the consultation fee to answer any follow-up questions you have.

For BRIEF questions about this service, feel free to email Tanya here.


Please Note: Tanya Harter Pierce is not a doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe.  However, she can share information about alternative cancer treatments that she has learned as a researcher/writer.