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Don’t miss out on OUTSMART YOUR CANCER. This popular book details 21 proven alternative approaches, including 4 full chapters on the PROTOCEL formula.

PROTOCEL is a truly amazing non-toxic liquid formula developed by an American chemist and used successfully by thousands of cancer patients.  It has also brought about cancer recoveries in DOGS and CATS!

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NEW! Outsmart Your Pets Cancer

Tanya’s latest book presents 22 heart-warming pet recovery cases (16 dogs and 6 cats) using the remarkable herbal remedy called “ESSIAC.” Read about how Essiac came from a Native American medicine man, and learn special tips for using it on animals, including which brand of Essiac most of the pets in this book recovered with! To learn more, click on the button to the right, or go to the new website:

The AMAZING liquid formula called “PROTOCEL”

Watch the 4-minute video on the right to hear about 3 spectacular Protocel recoveries.


– MD Anderson Only Gave Him 2 Weeks To Live
– Letter from Retired Dentist with Pancreatic Cancer
– Letter from 83-Year-Old Woman with Lymphoma

But Protocel is NOT the only powerful non-toxic approach detailed in OUTSMART YOUR CANCER. For example, the book describes how a supposedly incurable childhood brain tumor was completed cured by “Antineoplaston Therapy” and how a woman cured her metastasized ovarian cancer safely and easily at home with “Cesium High pH Therapy”! (See Below)

Outsmart Your Cancer

Tanya's first book has sold more than 135,000 copies sold, Outsmart Your Cancer is a popular guide for alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. No other book details 21 of the best non-toxic approaches and also tells you what you need to know about...

The Author

When Tanya Pierce began her own personal investigation into alternative cancer treatments, she was like many others who suddenly find themselves trying to help a family member who'd been diagnosed and not given a good prognosis for...

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Do you have questions about alternative cancer treatments? Are you interested in the Protocel approach, but need help? Tanya is now offering phone appointments to answer your questions and to provide Protocel coaching if you need it!

Outsmart Your Cancer
Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

This easy-to-read alternative treatment guide could save your life. Outsmart Your Cancer explodes the myths about alternative cancer treatments and explains why non-toxic methods are often more effective than conventional ones.

Find detailed information in OUTSMART YOUR CANCER on 21 powerful non-toxic methods and key treatment issues your doctor won’t tell you about.

PLUS, it is the definitive source of information  on the remarkable liquid formula called PROTOCEL.  Protocel is a non-toxic liquid formula that thousands of people in the U.S. have used to help them fight cancer.  Many have achieved complete recoveries through the use of Protocel alone, even after their cancer had already metastasized to a number of different organ systems.   For more information about Protocel click below:

Read Some Case Stories as Presented in Outsmart Your Cancer

Case Story from Book, p.109 – Childhood Brain TumorPaul was a five-year-old little boy back in 1986 when he was diagnosed with a large slow-growing tumor in his brain. Doctors told Paul’s family that the tumor was inoperable and he would not live to see his tenth birthday. Paul’s parents sent scans to the head of the pediatric neurosurgery department at the Mayo Clinic. At that time, this was Dr. Patrick Kelly. Dr. Kelly reviewed the scans then wrote to Paul’s parents: “I have reviewed the MRI scans on your five-year-old son Paul . . . it is the largest tumor I have ever seen in this area in anybody ever referred to me for surgery. I showed your scans to a number of my colleagues here who feel that it is inoperable. . . . Without surgery, your boy will die.”.. Read More

Case Story from Book, p. 271 – Metastasized Ovarian CancerSixty-one-year-old Merille (pronounced Marilee) had not been feeling well for some time when she went to her doctor in January 2002. A CT scan showed fluid in her lungs and, since one of the causes of this could be cancer, she was referred to a specialist at the Mayo Clinic. More tests at the Mayo Clinic revealed tumors on both of Merille’s ovaries as well as in her lymph system. A blood test for the ovarian cancer marker “CA-125” showed her to have a count of almost 800…. Read More
To read more case stories, Click Here

Audio Success Stories

Advanced Stomach Cancer

(Run Time: 7 Min) audio-player

Bladder Cancer

(Run Time: 21 Min) audio-player

Mast Cell Cancer
In Dog

(Run Time: 11 Min) audio-player

Brain Tumor

(Run Time: 22 Min) audio-player


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