Scheduling is an easy 3-step process:   (1)  Select your time zone to the right of the calendar, under today’s date.   (2) Choose the day and time for your appointment (in your time zone).   (3)  Enter your credit card information to pay in advance.    You will then receive a confirmation email with final instructions and a later reminder.    Tanya will call you by phone at the time of the appointment.

“My phone consultation with Tanya Harter Pierce was very, very helpful.  She quickly understood my situation and had insights that I had not heard during two years of working with doctors and alternative health practitioners.  Tanya offered guidance on natural strategies tailored for my circumstances and which would complement planned medical interventions.  She has researched alternative, natural solutions for many years and is able to distill her knowledge in a way that is both understandable and actionable.”

Scott B.
Durham, NC, USA

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