“Dogs now have the highest rate of cancer of any mammal on the planet.  And, though the incidence of cancer in cats is lower, it is also rising.”

~ Ty Bollinger’s Docuseries The Truth About Pet Cancer

Luckily, alternative cancer treatments work for pets, too!  However, pet owners need to know that approaches used by humans are not all ‘do-able’ for pets.  And they don’t all have equal success rates.  Some are much more likely to bring about a recovery than others.  In my opinion, the 2 best non-toxic cancer treatments for pets are:  (1) Protocel and (2) Essiac Tea.

The success story of the cat with cancer in her eye presented on this website is a recovery example using the Protocel formula.  Click Here to see the description and photos of this remarkable case!

However, possibly even MORE successful for a broader array of pet cases is a special 8-herb version of Essiac Tea.  For details on that, you can read my latest book:


Stories of Recovery Among Dogs and Cats Given Essiac