NOTE: This Protocel FAQ section is NOT meant as a replacement for the information presented in OUTSMART YOUR CANCER. In fact, Chapter 12 of the book has even more specifics on how to vary your dosing for optimum results, lists of supplements to avoid as well as those that are considered compatible with Protocel, and many other details that are not covered here.

Because Tanya Harter Pierce wishes to help as many people as possible with free information, this FAQ section is quite long. It has been divided into 8 sections for your convenience. Please click on the sections below for the type of answers you are looking for:

Protocel FAQs – Description

Protocel FAQs – Lysing

Protocel FAQs – Supplements and Diet

Protocel FAQs – Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Other Drugs

Protocel FAQs – Usage

Protocel FAQs – Assessing One’s Progress

Protocel FAQs – Miscellaneous

Protocel FAQs – Non-Cancer Uses