Hello and Welcome!

This is Tanya Harter Pierce, creator and owner of OutsmartYourCancer.com.   If you are facing a cancer diagnosis or trying to help a loved one with cancer, I have the deepest sympathy for what you are going through.  I understand the fear you may be feeling as well as the pressure from your doctor, family, or friends to get your chemo and/or radiation treatments right away.

My mission is to provide you with the best information I can to help you along your way.  You will have decisions to make and may want to know about alternative treatment options as well as how to evaluate the conventional treatment options your doctor is suggesting.  Hopefully, my book, Outsmart Your Cancer, as well as my free blog postings can help you make a more informed treatment decision for yourself.  The book goes into more detail about non-toxic treatment methods, but the blog will explain more key concepts to understand, since that is one of the things I realized over the years is so important.  Plus, I’m hoping to present some interesting treatment possibilities in the blog as well that are not in the book, to give people more and more options to look into.

Along with this practical goal, it is my mission to help more and more people understand the fact that alternative approaches for cancer are based on sound scientific principles and generally have better track records at bringing about long-term cures than conventional treatments.  However, there are no guarantees and it is important to understand that a person’s success will depend largely on 2 things:

(1)  How late stage or damaged they are by either their cancer or the conventional treatments given to them before starting their alternative approach.

(2)  How wisely they have chosen their alternative approach and how rigorously they use it.

Regarding Protocel:   Even though I devote more written space and testimonies to the Protocel approach than any other, that does NOT mean I believe it is necessarily the best choice for every case. Many remarkable recoveries in my book are from people using Cesium High pH Therapy, The Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Approach, Burzynski’s Antineoplastons, Dr. Kelley’s Enzyme Therapy, or other powerful methods.

There are MANY ways to cure cancer through non-toxic methods, and no single
approach is better than all the others for every case.

I devote more space to Protocel primarily because my book happens to be the leading book in print about it, and an important part of my mission is to help inform the public of this still relatively unknown yet powerful approach to cancer!  But I hope you will keep an open mind as to which approach seems best for your situation, and whether some integration of conventional and alternative approaches might be desirable.

Finally, because I have reported on very powerful approaches that work, some of them may be the subjects of suppressive tactics and difficult to get for periods of time.  One example is Dr. Burzinski’s Antineoplaston Therapy (Chapter 8), which has been restricted quite a lot by the FDA in the past few years and I am hoping those restrictions will soon fall away.  Another is the administration of Dr. Kelley’s Enzyme Therapy (Chapter 7), which has lost a great cancer doctor, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D..  However, his colleague, Linda Isaacs, M.D., continues to offer this approach in New York.  Many people including myself, believe that Dr. Gonzalez died under suspicious circumstances because he was curing too many people, but we will probably never know for sure what happened.