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Has Cancer Already Been Cured?

Official cancer agencies tell us that one in every two men and one in every three women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. Official mortality rates tell us that one in every four deaths in our country is a cancer death. So, should we be concerned about cancer? You bet! In fact, you may have noticed that pink ribbons and popular walks or runs for the cure are everywhere! Read More

Alternative Treatments for Cancer – False Hope or Real Solutions?

Reprinted from Resourceful Living (a publication produced by WebND.com), this article highlights the reality of cancer treatment today, the differences between conventional and alternative methods, how conventional cancer cure rates are fudged, false hope and more. A good introduction for people just starting to look into alternative cancer treatments. Read More

Mammograms: Are They Safe? Are They Effective?

All women over the age of 40 are told to get regular mammograms. But every woman should know that mammography is NOT the best diagnostic tool for catching breast cancer early, and that that there are many experts who believe mammograms can even CAUSE breast cancer. Read this revealing article to learn the 3 main reasons NOT to get a mammogram. Read More

What Men Need to Know about Prostate Cancer and PSA

With Prostate Cancer affecting so many men, and at younger and younger ages, every man needs to understand what few doctors will tell them . . . that lowering one’s PSA score does NOT always correspond with the cancer going away. Read what the PSA score REALLY refers to and why taking hormone-blocking drugs like Lupron or Casodex may be the worst thing you can do if you have prostate cancer. Read More

Why Alternative Cancer Treatments are So Effective

This article dispels common myths about alternative cancer approaches and explains the most important reasons why alternatives for cancer are MORE effective for long-term recovery than conventional methods. Learn about the importance of “continual use” and why chemotherapy is like trying to kill cockroaches with cannons. Read More

The Scientific Basis Behind Alternative Cancer Treatments

One common misconception is that alternative treatments for cancer are not “scientific.” In fact, this could not be further from the truth! In this article, you’ll read about two of the most important characteristics of cancer cells which have been supported by rigorous scientific study. These scientific principles also form the basis of some of the most powerful alternative cancer treatment approaches. Read More

Ridding the Body of Anaerobic Cells With Protocel

Read about one of the most important characteristics of cancer cells, which is that they are primarily anaerobic, and about how Protocel targets this characteristic to make cancer cells break down and die. Protocel’s ability to break down anaerobic cells of the body is why it is able to work so effectively against not only cancer, but also viruses, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic disorders. Read More

Does Protocel Directly Kill Cancer? And What Do Wet Wicked Witches Have To Do With It?

Once in a while, a misunderstanding about any self-administered approach may surface, and one such misunderstanding is that some people think Protocel doesn’t actually kill cancer. Read this article to understand where the confusion comes from and what the REAL answer is. Also, find out how Wet Wicked Witches come into the story and why cancer markers often rise dramatically while a person’s cancer is going away when they are using the Protocel formula! Read More

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