Miss Jaws was diagnosed with cancer in her right eye in April of 2020.  The official diagnosis was “Stage IV Lymphoma” and the veterinarian recommended surgical removal of the eye.  But since there was a possibility that the cancer had already metastasized to the brain via the optic nerve, and because Miss Jaws was already 15 years old, her owners chose not to have the surgery.  They gave her Protocel instead.  Miss Jaws was also taken to a veterinarian specializing in ophthalmology who determined that the retina in the diseased right eye was detached, presumably as a result of the cancer.  From a visual standpoint, Miss Jaws’ right eye looked all black at this point, which may have been from the pupil being completely dilated, and it was thought that her sight in that eye was impaired. 

Miss Jaws was given just a little over 1/8 teaspoonful of Protocel Formula 23 in her food 3 times a day (every 8 hours spaced out evenly around the 24-hour clock) and no other treatment.  Within days, changes in the eye could be observed, including possible signs of lysing (cancer breakdown).  Luckily, her owners took photographs as seen below:

April 27, 2020  –  Miss Jaws (MJ) has just been started on Protocel.  She keeps her eye closed most of the time and is sensitive about anyone touching her face.

April 28, 2020  –  MJ’s right eye is very black as if the pupil is stuck wide open.  Some mucous has  started dripping from the corner of her right eye (which could be evidence of cancer lysing due to Protocel’s healing action.)

May 1, 2020  —  Another view of her black her right eye.

May 1, 2020  –  Mucousy goop has now started dripping out of MJ’s mouth.  (May be lysed material that has come down from her sinuses.)

May 6, 2020  –  Just 9 days after starting on Protocel, MJ’s right eye is starting to look less black and she is not so sensitive to having her face touched.  Now that her eye can be held open a little, one can also see some sort of mass in the upper right quadrant of the eye.

May 7, 2020  —  Miss Jaws is holding her right eye open more often, even though it still looks black.  She seems to be much more comfortable.

May 10, 2020 – The anomaly on the upper right quadrant can no longer be seen.

May 13, 2020 – Looks like some normal pupil is beginning to show.

May 17, 2020  –  The eye is looking less black and more red and brown now.

May 18, 2020 – More normal eye color.  Mucous is still  coming out of the eye at times.  (Never seen in the other eye.)

May 19, 2020  –  Continuing to look more normal.

May 20, 2020  —  Beautiful iris colors are showing more and more.

May 23, 2020 – Suddenly and very unexpectedly, MJ’s good left eye filled halfway with blood.  The owners rushed her to the vet who prescribed a medication to reduce her blood pressure, though the cause of the blood was not known.

May 23, 2020  —  Luckily the blood pressure medication worked and the blood cleared from MJ’s left eye by the same night.

Sept 9, 2020  —  MJ’s right eye looks almost normal and she can see out of both eyes now, though not perfectly.  However, she can easily get around on her own and is no longer hesitant to jump up on things.  She just turned 16 years old.

Miss Jaws’ final written report from the ophthalmology veterinarian is below.  In the yellow highlighted text, the report states that the retinal detachment of the right eye was resolved.  (The detached retina re-attached itself.)  And, in the pink highlighted text, the vet states:

“Miss Jaws looks amazing.  It’s difficult to believe how all her intraocular inflammation, hemorrhage and masses have completely resolved.”

Miss Jaws’ owners reported that the vet then said to them,

“If I had not seen her earlier, I would say she was mis-diagnosed.

I’m going to read that book, Outsmart Your Cancer!”