Many people want to know what Protocel’s ingredients are, and this is understandable.  But the important thing to keep in mind is that Protocel is NOT a combination of vitamins, minerals or herbs that each have anti-cancer properties.  It is also NOT a homeopathic remedy.  Protocel is a completely unique type of liquid formulation where the sum of the ingredients, put together in just the right way, all work together to act like a “catechol” on the cellular level to make cancer cells fall apart.  (Chapter 9 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER presents all the scientific details on how Protocel works.)

INGREDIENTS:  Protocel’s “starting” ingredients are Sodium, Potassium, Copper (as Sulfate), Inositol, and a proprietary blend of Guaiacol, Oil of Vitriol, and Sodium Bromide.

[ NOTE:  The Protocel formula’s ingredients used to be listed as a propriety blend of Tetrahydroxyquinone, Rhodizonic Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Croconic Acid, Triquinoyl, Pyrocatechol, Leuconic Acid, mineral and trace elements including Copper.  However, these are the “ending” ingredients after the chemical interactions have taken place due to the unique way of mixing and combining this formula’s ingredients in the process of making it.  The FDA recently changed the way they wanted the ingredients listed and requested that the “starting” ingredients be stated on the labels instead of the ending ingredients, and the Protocel manufacturers have complied. ]

Protocel is made with all-natural ingredients, is non-toxic (considered less toxic than an aspirin a day).  The use of Protocel produces no direct side effects, and some people have taken Protocel for 15 years or more with no problems.  The only symptoms people may experience are due to the cancer breaking down in their body and having to get processed out.  (Like detoxing symptoms.)

Protocel is a completely vegetarian product.

Protocel is completely safe for anyone to take, including very young children (even infants) and the elderly.  There is no age minimum or maximum.  But, because Protocel works in such a unique way, many other supplements, herbs or treatments may counteract its action on the cellular level, so please be sure to read about what other supplements or treatments must be avoided for optimum results.

Protocel is also a very powerful antioxidant.  In fact it may be one of the most powerful antioxidants ever tested. Testing done at the Brunswick Laboratories in Massachusetts showed Protocel to have an ORAC antioxidant value of approximately 1.4 million (µmole TE/L).  Before Protocel was tested, the three highest antioxidant ratings for nutritional supplements were Xango Juice (16,960), YL Berry Young Juice (32,000) and Eniva’s VIBE (83,200). Protocel’s antioxidant rating is about 17 times higher than that of VIBE!

However, Protocel’s antioxidant capacity is simply a nice side benefit of the product.  It does not work against cancer by being an antioxidant.  It works by acting like a very special catechol.  Protocel is a truly unique approach to getting rid of cancer cells harmlessly!