How 12 Ordinary People Outsmarted Their Cancer

Companion Audio CD Transcript to the book

Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work, 2nd Ed.

by Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A., MFCC



Stream Of Brief Excerpts From Upcoming Testimonials:


Doctors tend to look at cancer through cancer-colored glasses.  They don’t think sometimes that there are other treatments out there that are effective.  The last scans that I had actually showed that basically they couldn’t see where there was any cancer there anymore!    . . . .    My son Dylan, who was 18 months old at the time, was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive and inoperable brain tumor.  And when the oncologists came in to give us the diagnosis, they told us that there was basically no chance of survival.  This past June, Dylan’s test results came back perfect.  There were no signs of cancer.  He’s been without symptoms for over a year and he’s completely symptom-free!    . . . .     It’s been 6 years now, she’s in the second grade, she’s 8 years old and there’s no more cancer.  I would say to anyone looking, searching for something other than chemotherapy ¾ I would say, “Take courage and then take charge!”    . . . .     My doctor gave me a copy of Tanya Pierce’s book “Outsmart Your Cancer” and suggested I study the info about ProtocelÒ.  Based on that, I began taking Formula 50 in late August.  The cancer on my neck, which was easy to see, got noticeably smaller during the 6 weeks on ProtocelÒ before surgery.    . . . .     Thank God for alternative medicine, as well as, you know, standardized medicine.  But I do believe you have to take some of the things in your own hands and look at ALL things.    . . . .     One oncology doctor told me that in over 30 years of working in oncology, he has never seen anything like this before and was very interested in what I was doing.  To date, scans of my major organs are clear, my bloods are almost perfect, and nothing can be detected in the breast.  And I’ve been told that whatever I’m doing is working and to keep doing it.  So I say, “Never, ever, ever give up.  There is always hope and anything’s possible!”    . . . .     In April of ’07, six months after my last bad scan, I took another PET scan.  It read “Marked improvement.”  My next test was a bone scan on 2/11/09.  It reads “No definite evidence of osseous metastatic disease is identified.  Thank you Lord! 


TANYA HARTER PIERCE:   Hello!  This is Tanya Harter Pierce, author of the book, Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work.  You’re listening to the companion CD that comes with every copy of the book. 

What you just heard were brief excerpts from people who beat their cancer using alternative non-toxic methods ¾  and you’ll be hearing more details of their stories throughout this recording to learn how they did it!  

What most people don’t realize, is that there are exciting alternative non-toxic treatments that have BETTER track records at curing cancer than the common conventional methods of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone-blocking drugs. 

In other words, the cancer survivors you’ll be hearing from LIVED because they did NOT simply do what their conventional doctors told them to do! 

I’m not talking about the proverbial “snake-oil” type treatments, either!  Quite the opposite.  What I present in my book and you’ll be hearing about here are methods based on sound scientific study, many of which were developed by highly respected scientists or doctors!

It is estimated that 1 in every 2 to 3 Americans will develop cancer at some point in their lives.  Once a person is faced with a diagnosis, they are rushed and pushed by their doctor and possibly even family members to quickly submit to surgery, radiation, and/or chemo.  At that point, the person who has just been diagnosed doesn’t have time to weigh their options and may be too overwhelmed to think clearly. 

Unfortunately, many people go through conventional treatment first and don’t look into alternatives until AFTER they find out that the chemo, radiation or surgery they did was not curative. 

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “I wish I’d known about this or that alternative BEFORE I did chemo . . . ”  This is because chemo and radiation are toxic treatments that damage the body. 

If a person goes through months or years of toxic treatments, their chances of recovery, even with a powerful alternative treatment, will often be reduced.  So, knowing about alternative options in advance could help save your life later on ! 

Here are some key facts about the cancer reality today that I’d like to quickly share with you.

Quite frankly, we are all facing a very big problem.   At least 1 in every 4 deaths in America now is due to cancer.  Yet, we are actively being misled to think that mainstream medicine has made progress in leaps and bounds and now has a handle on this disease.  In fact, you may have heard on television, or read in the newspaper, that “Most cancers, if caught early, are curable!” 

Unfortunately, this is not at all true, and in Outsmart Your Cancer you can read six major ways that official cancer statistics are fudged to make them look better than they really are.  In reality, conventional medicine has hardly improved in its ability to CURE cancer since the 1950s. 

Hard to believe?  YES!   But true, nevertheless! 

A New York Times article, published in April of 2009, pointed out that the REAL death rate due to cancer only dropped about 5% between 1950 and 2005.  And, other investigations show that the years 2005 to 2009 did not produce any measurable progress, either. 

Every single official claim by the cancer industry is misleading.  For instance, that statement that “Most cancers, if caught early, are curable” tends to give the public a false sense of security.  People hear that and think, “Okay, ALL I have to do is get my mammogram or PSA test regularly and if I get cancer, I’ll catch it early.”  What the public is NOT being told is that even with all our modern diagnostics, cancer is NOT caught early most of the time. 

In fact, approximately 75% of all cancer patients in the U.S. have metastasized cancer when they are first diagnosed. 

Metastasized cancer is where the cancer has already spread beyond its original starting point to other organs or systems of the body.  The public is NOT being told that, once cancer has spread past its starting point, a person’s chance of long-term cure from conventional medicine goes down to almost zero!

Let’s look at some REAL statistics:

According to the same New York Times article, official statistics indicate, unfortunately, that about 80% of all women with metastasized breast cancer die within the first 5 years after they are diagnosed.  And that doesn’t mean that the remaining 20% are cured, either.  Conventional medicine only tracks 5 years. 

About 90% of patients with metastasized colorectal cancer succumb to their disease within the first 5 years after they are diagnosed.

Lung cancer is THE most commonly diagnosed type of cancer and, as we know, it doesn’t just happen to people who smoked.  Sadly, approximately 60% of all lung cancer patients die within the first year after they are diagnosed.  And of the remaining patients, half of them die within the second year.  Think about it. 

This means that 80% of all people who develop the most common type of cancer in our country succumb to the disease within two years! 

For brain cancer cases, tragically, conventional cure rates are hardly worth talking about at all.  According to Robert E. Burdick, M.D., a highly respected Seattle oncologist, brain cancer patients have little more than a one in one thousand chance for a full recovery using conventional methods, even with all the high tech surgical and radiation technology available.

So, a major misunderstanding is that “Most cancers if caught early are curable by conventional methods!”

But conventional treatments are often the only options people feel they have. 

So the main purpose of this CD is to show people that there ARE other options!  And for those listeners who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis right now, the testimonials on this recording will offer much-needed hope.

Before we hear the first testimonial, though, I’d like to make two things clear:

Firstly, though I’ve spent the past eight years researching alternative non-toxic cancer treatments AND have communicated with hundreds of cancer patients and their families, I am not a medical doctor.  I’m a retired psychotherapist who became involved in cancer treatment research when someone I knew was diagnosed with the disease.  So, please understand that what you hear on this CD is simply “shared information,” NOT medical advice.

And, secondly, unlike a lot of other alternative cancer treatment experts, I do NOT advocate just one alternative approach.  I also don’t sell any treatment products.  My book presents 21 different alternative non-toxic methods, and I’ve picked testimonials from three of these approaches for this CD. 

Keep in mind that these are approaches conventional doctors have NOT been educated about, and in most cases have never heard of.  Thus, from the viewpoint of conventional medicine, the cases you’ll be hearing might be considered “miracles!”

But these types of cancer recoveries are happening virtually every day in the world of alternative medicine!  That’s why I like to call them “EVERYDAY MIRACLES.”  


MARILLE:   Hi.  I am Marille, and I live in Illinois.  In 2002 the doctors told me I had cancer.  

It’s always a dreaded thing we hate to hear, but it came to my house.  I had ovarian cancer.  They did a CAT scan and found the ovaries had tumors on them.  So they went ahead and did surgery, and after the surgery they told me that the cancer had spread to the lymph system.  Whenever I hear that in someone else, it’s always a dread because you know, once it’s in your lymph system, it can break out anywhere on your body, and that’s what the doctors told me.

They also told me I would never be healed.  They could only try and hold it back.

So they recommended that I have chemotherapy, and I always hated to hear that, too.  I was so afraid of it.  I knew so many people that it failed, and they just ended up dead anyway, and in a very… very nasty way.

But anyway, I really prayed about it a lot, and I did decide to take the chemo because my family really wanted me to.  I had the usual side effects — lost hair, diarrhea, vomiting, and all that stuff, and for ovarian they have a CA-125, which is a tumor marker for ovarian, and they can tell just where you stand.  After the chemo, my count went down to about 9, which is good.  34 and above is bad.

But it wasn’t more than a year that when I went back I had more tumors on my neck and on my stomach.  

So they did additional surgery.  They recommended chemo again, but they told me it might hurt my heart this time.  So I said, “You know, I just… There’s no way I can do that.” 

And I’d always thought about alternatives, and my daughter happened to find a woman who had gone through this Cesium High Alkaline Therapy.  

So my daughter put me in touch with a gal that told me all about it, and so I just decided, I prayed about it and I felt like this was what I was going to do.

So I started on it.  I took a variety of liquid minerals and vitamins, and I had a blood test every six weeks to see how it was working.  After the first six weeks my count had gone down 20 points, and it just continued to go down.  It went to down to 6 then, and I have been feeling great for about a year and a half now.  I’ve been off the main treatment, but just on maintenance.  And my last check was 6 again. 

I do have it checked every three months.  I continue to take the liquid minerals, and the vitamins, and I’m just continuing to feel great.

The book, Outsmart Your Cancer —my husband is a barber—and since my case is in there, I leave that at the barber shop, and different people have taken it out and read that.  And they’re just amazed that something like an alternative can really take care of a cancer problem. 

So I appreciate Tanya for writing that book, and telling in detail how it really does work.  So I thank her, and I thank the Lord for my complete healing. 

TANYA:  Hello again.  As you just heard, Merilee was able to put her own advanced, metastasized ovarian cancer into complete remission using a non-toxic approach ¾ and this was AFTER her conventional doctors told her that they could NOT get rid of all her cancer. 

In-depth information about Cesium High pH Therapy can be found in Chapter 16 of Outsmart Your Cancer.  But for a brief explanation here, this approach was developed by a highly respected American physicist, named Dr. Aubrey Keith Brewer.  Dr. Brewer held the renowned position of Chief of the National Bureau of Standards Mass Spectrometer and Isotope Division.  Dr. Brewer theorized that the highly alkalizing mineral, cesium, could be used to fight cancer, and he worked together with some pioneering medical doctors in the 1980s who performed clinical trials with human cancer patients.  These trials confirmed the success of his approach.

Cesium is a natural trace element in our foods, but we normally ingest it in extremely small amounts.  What Dr. Brewer did was to find a way to safely administer cesium in high doses in order to KILL cancer cells. 

This, by the way, points out another common misunderstanding.  Many people think that alternative treatments ONLY work by boosting the immune system or by alkalizing the body.  While quite a few alternative approaches DO work in these ways, there actually ARE powerful non-toxic treatments that directly KILL cancer cells. 

Unfortunately, the National Cancer Institute and FDA were never interested in pursuing the cesium approach because it uses only natural substances that cannot be patented.  This means that the pharmaceutical companies cannot make large profits by selling it ¾ or at least not as large as the profits they make by selling highly expensive chemotherapy drugs.

But, for reasons explained in the book, natural non-toxic approaches give a person a better chance of achieving a long-term cure for themselves.  For example, here is another case of someone who also chose to use Cesium High pH Therapy for his cancer when conventional medicine ran out of options.


LAVAUGHN:   Hello.  My name is LaVaughn, and three years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor in my stomach, and we knew that we wanted to help the body to heal itself, which it’s capable of doing. 

I started juicing and using some pill form of nutrition to help the pH of my body.  But in four short weeks that tumor had grown down into the pyloric valve and into the duodenum, which sealed me off completely where I could not eat, nor drink. 

Now, we went to the medical field for help, and they believed that the chemo could perhaps knock back the tumor in three to four weeks and allow us to get nutrition back into the body again.  

However, this took us down a road of many side effects, and after the first chemo I received a 106 degree fever, which was for six days and put me in isolation.  I actually had Code Blue called on me during that time.

Then we also had some blood transfusions, and then a series of illnesses after that for a period of three and half weeks of hospitalization. 

That was a real rough time there, but we got through that. 

That took us to the 14- or 16-week mark.  At this time I had already had 7 ½ weeks of hospitalization that was mostly life and death. 

So at this time I’m in the hospital with double pneumonia, and the doctors are very concerned because I’m not being able to bring nutrition into my body, and we had lost this feed line.  And so they were telling me I have to eat even though I’m going to throw it up because it’s going to supply some nutrition through the stomach wall.

After about a week of that I told them, “No more.”  I was tired of that.  So they were very concerned at that point, and determined that they were probably going to have to take some other action.

So in the meantime, my wife, through a friend of ours that introduced her to “Eniva” because of the results that he realized in just a few weeks in his overall health, wanted to share what had happened, and he had started on this water-soluble, cell-ready, high-pH therapy, liquid nutrition.  And he just could not believe what had happened in just a few weeks. 

So he wanted to share that with my wife.  He had been suffering from MS for 17 years at that time.  So as my wife looked at it, she thought, “Wow.  Maybe I can I.V. this into my husband.”  What she found out was that it could be sprayed on the outside of the body, which was even better yet, because my blood veins had collapsed by this time because of my dehydration of my body.

She came up to the hospital and sprayed me with this product in four different spray bottles, four times a day.  And at the end of the second day, I knew that something had happened.  I had a gurgling sound in the abdomen, and it sounded like something was breaking loose and flowing.

I had not had anything go through the intestinal tract for all this time, 16 weeks.  So I have not eaten for 16 weeks.  I also had not drank anything for 16 weeks.  My body had lost 85 pounds, and I was very weak and lethargic, as my wife had put it — couldn’t stay concentrated on anything for more than just a minute.

At this time my wife is spraying me, and I could tell the difference. 

The doctors, at the same time, were trying to figure out what they were going to do.  So they came in the next morning and said, “LaVaughn, the only thing we have left to offer you is to cut out your stomach and duodenum and take your small intestine and bring it up to your esophagus, and try to get some nutrition into your body.”

Now, they knew where we were at that point, and I knew where I was.  And I said, “Doc,” I said, “I still have double pneumonia.  You’re not going to do the operation while I still have double pneumonia, right?”  He said, “LaVaughn, we have to.”  I said, “Doc, how much of a chance do I actually have of making it through this?”  He said, “Not very much.  But it’s the only thing we have left to offer.”  So I said, “Well, Doc, upon that I’m going to go home.” 

And so I did.  I went home. 


He told me, “LaVaughn, if you go home you’re going to die.”  And I said, “I very well may.  It’s very possible that I very well may.” 

But I had already seen the results from my wife’s spraying this product on me, this nutrition that’s able to go through the cells of the skin and into the blood and service the entire body. 

We continued doing this at home, and in just three days from that time I was able to breathe again.  I was over my double pneumonia, and in six days I was able to eat my first meal and have been eating ever since that time. And, in six weeks, I told my wife I just didn’t believe I had the tumor anymore.  She said, “Well, why don’t you call and get an appointment and get that looked at?” 

So I did.  We got that appointment.  We went and had them do the endoscope, and the biopsies, and the blood work.  He came up to the recovery room and said, “LaVaughn, you know I’ve had bad news every time before, but today I’ve got GREAT news for you.”

He said, “I went in and the tumors are gone.  It’s just scar tissue left behind.” 

And he said, “So I’ve biopsied all that area.  I’ll have the results back next week.”  He said, “You come see me, OK?”

And so I made an appointment, and went back in and saw him the next week.  This was Thanksgiving, the day before Thanksgiving 2002.  We went back the next week and he said, “I have more good news.”  And so he read off my pathology report, telling me that all the test results came back benign, and that there’s no heliobacteria present, and that your blood work shows, LaVaughn, that you’re cancer- and tumor-free.”

So it was wonderful news.  That’s been, like I say, almost three years ago now.  

That is my story, and it’s an amazing thing.  We’ve shared it with many people.  Thank you so much.

TANYA:   LaVaughn’s story is truly amazing and the only thing he relied on to kill his cancer was the liquid ionic cesium that he took, while adding in some other minerals to help strengthen his body.  Now, cesium taken in high doses by itself can cause a potassium deficiency, so you have to know how to take enough potassium to balance out that effect while taking enough cesium to kill the cancer.

Thus, the key to achieving full recoveries using alternative approaches is to thoroughly look into the approach you want to use and find out all the do’s and don’ts to make sure you are using that method as effectively as you can and are optimizing your chances in every possible way.

Sometimes oncologists will hear of a patient’s “miraculous” recovery, but rather than give credit to the alternative approach that was used, the doctor assumes the recovery was due to a “delayed” effect of the chemo or radiation given to the patient beforehand. 

Besides the fact that there is no real evidence of chemo ever having a delayed curative effect, there are ALSO people who use alternatives to overcome their cancer without EVER using a single conventional treatment. 

Here is an example of someone who used cesium high pH therapy and chose NOT to use any conventional treatment at all.  This time it was for prostate cancer.


GERRY:   My name is Gerry.  I’m 59 years old now, and when I was 56 years old I had a physical and they found with an ultrasound, they found a prostate cancer. 

After they found the prostate tumor, they did a needle biopsy and found what they said was aggressive cancer which was 4 plus 3 (meaning a total score of 7) on the Gleason Scale, and my PSA was low.

My first cancer doctor told me I needed to have my prostate completely removed. 

He said if I had my prostate completely removed I would have an 80% chance of being cancer free.  And I asked him, “What do you mean by being ‘cancer free’?”  And he goes, “Well, in five years 80% of the people won’t have any problems with cancer.”  I said, “Well, what about 20 years?”  And he goes, “We don’t track it that long.”   I said, “What about 10?”  “No.”   “What about six years?”  “No, we stop right at five years.”

And then I said “Okay, now if I have radiation treatment, what would I have to do?”  He said, “Well, you’ll come back every three months for the rest of your life.”  And I said, “No, you really mean every three months for five years.”  And he goes, “No, you have to go back for the rest of your life.”  And I said, “Well, how come you’d stop following me after five years?”  And he had no thought at all for that.

So I started taking cesium to raise my pH levels, and Essiac Tea, and I was on a mini-trampoline and got a little sauna, and I backed out of the surgery. 

About four months later I decided to go and have radiation treatment.  Before I had the radiation treatment they have to do an ultrasound and a CAT scan, and they couldn’t find the tumor.  And my question was, “If you can’t find the tumor, and you’re going to use radioactive pellets in the tumor, where are you going to put them?”  And they said, “We’ll just put them everywhere in the prostate.”

So I backed out of it, and I went back to my regular doctor, and he did a digital exam and he couldn’t find the tumor.  And they couldn’t find a tumor with the ultrasound or the CAT scan, and I said, “I don’t feel like I’ve got a prostate tumor.”  And they wrote me a letter saying I was making the biggest mistake of my life for not going through radiation, and I would probably have a long and painful death.

So I went to seven other oncologists, and each one — if I went to a radiologist they said I had to have radiation treatment, and if I went to a surgeon, they said I had to have surgery, and that I was really making a mistake by not doing anything, but this is a good three years later and they can’t find the tumor, and I feel wonderful!

In my case, I think I made the best decision by staying away from the oncologists and just treating myself.

There is one last thing that, if you do have cancer, try not to be stressed out about it, because doctors will worry you to death about it, and say it’s the worst thing in the world that could ever happen to you.  And you got one chance of living, and that’s to go back to the oncologist.  And they like to play God. 

And most doctors will say you’re either going to die of a heart attack or cancer.  And stress will make you have a heart attack, and it certainly will make you have cancer.

TANYA:   One interesting note about Gerry’s case is that, even though an ultrasound showed a mass on his prostate gland, and a needle biopsy proved that the mass was malignant cancer with a Gleason score of 7, he still never had an elevated PSA score

Every man should know that the PSA test is NOT a perfect indicator of cancer and that there is even a specific type of situation where prostate cancer can be growing in a man’s body, yet his PSA count will be totally normal. 

Details about this can be found in Chapter 20 of Outsmart Your Cancer which presents what all men need to know about prostate cancer, the PSA, and testosterone-blocking drugs.  This chapter also explains why taking a hormone-blocking drug for prostate cancer may even LOWER a man’s chances for recovery, even if he is on a powerful alternative approach.

It was also interesting that Gerry’s doctor readily admitted that official cancer cure rate statistics don’t follow patients past 5 years! 

Remember I said earlier that official cure rates have been fudged?  Well, one of the ways they are fudged is by the cancer industry re-defining the word “cure.”  That’s right. 

Conventional medicine’s track record for curing cancer has been SO bad for SO long that years ago, one of the things the cancer industry did was to quietly re-define the word “cure!” 

They decided that the term “cure” would no longer mean cancer-free . . .  which of course is what most people think it means.  Instead, they decided it would mean alive 5 years after diagnosis!  

Apparently, even if you’re miserably sick and full of cancer the whole time, just keeping you alive for 5 years is what passes as a great success in the treatment of cancer according to conventional medicine!

No other field of medicine has re-defined the word “cure” in this way!

Folks, this highly misleading tactic is a TRAVESTY, and it manifests in the following way:

Let’s say a woman does everything she’s supposed to do:   She goes in to her doctor for an early screening test and is subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She then dutifully undergoes every treatment her doctor recommends.  These include mutilating surgery, radiation treatments that burn her skin and damage her heart, chemotherapy that makes her vomit and feel miserable, and a hormone-blocking drug that throws her into extreme menopause symptoms and raises her risk for blood clots, blindness, and a myriad of other complications.  She does everything she’s supposed to do for 5 years, but in the end the toxic treatments not only don’t cure her, but her cancer has now spread throughout her body.  Tragically, she dies from her disease 5 years and 2 months after she was diagnosed. 

Incredibly, this woman will be listed in official cancer statistics as CURED, simply because she was alive 5 years after diagnosis! 

So, whenever you hear an official statement like “most cancers, if caught early, are curable,” keep in mind that THAT woman I just described ¾ and others like her ¾ are included in official statistics as cancer patients who were cured with conventional medicine! 

In the next testimonial, you’ll hear from a woman who worked for many years as a medical social worker running support groups for  women who were treated conventionally for breast cancer.  When she got her own breast cancer diagnosis, she didn’t want any part of chemotherapy or radiation.  Instead, she chose a dietary nutritional approach along with certain key supplements to reduce her tumor.  The dietary approach SHE chose is called the “Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Diet.”  It was pioneered by a German biochemist named Dr. Johanna Budwig, and has been used for decades by countless cancer patients with success.  This diet and the science behind it is explained in Chapter 13 of Outsmart Your Cancer

As you’ll hear, this woman also did her own research and added some other excellent cancer-controlling supplements to her program in order to reduce her breast tumor to the point where it was easy to remove with a lumpectomy.  Many people hear that surgery is a bad idea for cancer because it can possibly cause metastasis throughout the bloodstream.  Though this is a realistic concern, alternative cancer treatments can often be used to take care of any cancer cells that might break off and get into the bloodstream, and therefore make surgery a safer option.


BETTY:  Good afternoon.  My name is Betty, and I am a senior citizen who was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma, and I’ll tell you how this all came about, how I discovered it.

I discovered a lump in my right breast about nine months to a year ago, and nine months ago I did start going to the doctor.  Initially I was sort of in denial.  And I had a needle biopsy which showed that it was invasive ductile carcinoma. 

And I feel so blessed, because I subscribe to alternative journals in medicine, and that day that the doctor called to tell me the diagnosis and that it was malignant, I had just received my mail.  I had laid down the journal with Dr. David Williams’ name on it, and it said, “Cancer In Japan Almost Cured.”  And that it’s caused by stress, and a lowered immune system.  And the doctor went on to say, if he had cancer, he would take AHCC, which is made from Japanese mushrooms, and that would help. 

However, I then went to my health food store.  They had it.  I bought it.  I then went to Barnes and Noble, and I was reading from Suzanne Somer’s book, and I decided to check out some wellness magazines, and I found a female wellness magazine on the shelf.  I was perusing through it and discovered a book written by Tanya Pierce called Outsmart Your Cancer, and I was convinced I needed her book.

I got the book and decided to try the flaxseed oil diet.  I was interested in something I could take with Vitamin C, and I’ve learned that there is a place, and that’s www.Hope, and I then started on Ellagic Insurance Formula.  In addition, I was taking the AHCC.  I was doing Dr. Budwig’s cottage cheese and flaxseed oil diet.

I also continued my visits to my doctor.  He had given me an appointment the next month for surgery.  I postponed it.  In fact, I postponed the surgery for three months.

I must tell you here, I was a medical social worker at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York.  I worked with cancer patients, and I ran groups with breast patients, and it was devastating to see what some of the women went through.  (This was in the 60’s.) 

So I knew how devastating it could be, even with surgery or with chemo, and I was determined I was not going to have chemo or radiation, if I could help it.

So I continued with Dr. Budwig’s flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.  I continued with the Ellagic Insurance Formula.  I continued with AHCC, and I also changed my diet, because I listened to Dr. Lorraine Day on the tape, who cured herself of cancer.  She’s an M.D.

I changed my diet, ate more vegetables, more fruit, less meat, and I’m so grateful to Outsmart Your Cancer, because there are so many alternatives in there that are natural, that people can be helped with.  And of course, each person I think knows which one is best for them, and this is what I chose for me.

I had my surgery three months after I did the alternatives, and I was told that it was three centimeters. 

And by the time I had the surgery, afterwards when the doctor went over the pathology report he said to me, “You know it was two and a half centimeters.”  I said, “No, Doctor. Initially you told me three centimeters.”  He said, “That’s right!”  He said, “I knew you were doing something, but I didn’t know what.” 

And then I told him about the flaxseed oil and the cottage cheese, and some of the others, and he wrote some of them down.  He admitted to me, he said, “They don’t teach us that in medical school.”  I said, “I know.”  And I said, “I am so grateful to you for being patient with me.”

The other thing I’d like to share is that I want people to know there is hope.  

This flaxseed oil and cottage cheese diet that’s mentioned in her book, people have been sent home after chemo as well as radiation, and really survived after going on that cottage cheese/flaxseed oil diet. 

I’m so grateful for alternatives.  I think God stepped in and showed me the way.  Thank God for alternative medicine, as well as, you know, standardized medicine.  But I do believe you have to take some of the things in your own hands and look at all things.  Thank you.

TANYA:   At this point, I’d like to make it clear that I am NOT advocating people should necessarily go against what their doctors tell them to do.  I believe that most doctors are caring and concerned practitioners who really want to help their patients, and I think people should always seek the advice of a qualified physician as well as look into alternatives.  In fact, quite a few people have found out about my book, Outsmart Your Cancer, because their doctor recommended it. 

I’d like to go back one last time to that New York Times article I mentioned earlier,  . . .   In talking about conventional medicine, the article makes the point that cancer is complicated for various reasons and that “No one has figured out the weak link in cancer cells that would lead to a cure.”   Once again, this is true ONLY in the world of conventional medicine! 

You have a right to know that many weak links in cancer HAVE been discovered and many successful methods for attacking those weak links to produce real cures have been found! 

You just don’t hear about them because they have systematically been ignored by the cancer industry and are now found only in the realm of alternative medicine! 

This is why I titled my book “OUTSMART Your Cancer.”  I specifically chose the term “OUTSMART” because non-toxic approaches work in very smart ways and they target those characteristics that are common to all cancer cells, but are NOT shared by normal healthy cells.  By doing this, they leave healthy cells unharmed!

Speaking of leaving normal healthy cells unharmed, let’s move on now to the remarkable approach called ProtocelÒ.  One of the wonderful things about ProtocelÒ is that it is so safe, it can even be administered to infants!  These next two testimonials are very inspiring, given that so many young children today are developing cancer.


JOE:   Hi.  My name is Joe.  I live in the state of Pennsylvania, and I’d like to give my testimony to the great efficacy of the supplement called ProtocelÒ

On January 22nd of 2004 my son Dylan, who was 18 months old at the time, was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive and inoperable brain tumor referred to as a Diffuse Pontine Glioma.  Dylan was diagnosed at one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country, and when the oncologists came in to give us the diagnosis, they told us that there was basically no chance of survival. 

Their prognosis was two months without treatment, and nine to fifteen months with six weeks of radiation in combination with some form of chemotherapy.

Needless to say, my wife and I were completely heartbroken and devastated.  At the time, our major concern was giving Dylan quality of life.  We didn’t want Dylan to be in any pain or discomfort, and so we opted against doing any chemotherapy.

A couple weeks after diagnosis we came across ProtocelÒ, and after speaking with a few families who were achieving some amount of success using it, we decided to start Dylan on it right away.  We also opted to start radiation, because Dylan’s symptoms were getting progressively worse.

So, on February 9th of 2004 we started him on ProtocelÒ Formula #23, and from late February to April he underwent five weeks of radiation.  We opted out of the last week because we felt that Dylan had had enough of the radiation, and his symptoms, which had included a right eye turn and a facial droop from his sixth and seventh nerve palsy, as well as bad ataxia, which had him falling quite frequently, as well as a lot of difficulty swallowing.  All those symptoms had almost completely subsided.

In our first post radiation MRI, Dylan’s tumor had shrunk by almost 80%, and our oncologist was absolutely amazed.  

He said he’d never seen shrinkage like that so quickly, and especially given that we had one less week of radiation than was standard for this tumor type. 

And so we attributed the shrinkage mainly to ProtocelÒ.  And over the next few months we continued on ProtocelÒ as well as honing the rest of Dylan’s treatment plan, but we did make sure everything that we did introduce did not have any contraindications with ProtocelÒ

We supplemented heavily with various enzymes.  

We stuck to mostly an organic diet.  We cut out all wheat, gluten and dairy from Dylan’s diet, and we’ve done a lot of work with subtle energy therapies like Reiki and Johrei, and of course prayer has played an enormous part as well. 

In late 2004 we came across an alternative cancer test, because we decided that we did not want to do any more MRI’s with Dylan.  Being so young, each time we had to put him under anesthesia, and we just didn’t want that.  And so we turned to this alternative cancer test, and thus far we’ve done four tests.  Dylan’s first test was done when he was eleven months out from diagnosis, and his numbers, although not great, were much better than expected for someone with his diagnosis.  And each subsequent test continued to show improvement. 

This past June we did our fourth test, and Dylan’s test results came back PERFECT.  There were no signs of cancer!  

He’s been without symptoms for over a year.  We are almost 20 months out from diagnosis, which is almost unheard of for this type of tumor, and how aggressive it was when he was diagnosed.  And he’s completely symptom free.

Dylan has been taking Protocel #23 since February 9th of 2004.  We have not missed a dose.  We believe in our hearts that we have been granted a miracle by God, and we know that ProtocelÒ played a very big part in this miracle. 

We continue to give him the adult dose.  It’s a quarter of a teaspoon six times per day.  He has no problems taking it.  We just put it in a syringe. We shoot it in his mouth, and he’s actually started doing it himself now, which is pretty good for a three-year-old.  We’ve come a long way since that day, and we’re thankful for the experiences. Our little boy is just a happy, healthy, normal three-year-old, and ProtocelÒ has had a great deal to do with that.

I do have one other side note about Protocel.  A family friend of ours was diagnosed with lung cancer which had metastasized to his liver, and he was diagnosed just a few months after Dylan, so he knew about Protocel from Dylan being on it, and he started on it right away.  He also used a supplement called Graviola in conjunction with it. 

And he was only given about a year to live, even with treatment.  Within four months after he started ProtocelÒ he was declared cancer free, and his oncologist called three other oncologists into the room when they had found this, and they were completely awestruck. 

And so we have seen firsthand two miracles, and ProtocelÒ has been a huge part of each.

So, to anyone that has been diagnosed with any form of cancer, I would strongly urge them to research ProtocelÒ and consider using it as part of their overall cancer treatment plan. I thank you for listening to our story.  I hope that it helps to give you some hope and some support in your journey.  If you want to read more about Dylan’s story you can go to  Thank you.


MICHELLE:  Hi, my name is Michelle Blake.  About six years ago my daughter was diagnosed with ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She was only two years old at the time.  The doctor recommended a year of intensive chemotherapy. 

Before that year was completed, we were told that she relapsed.  That was devastating to the family simply because this whole year I had gone through many appointments where I would take this happy child into the hospital and bring her home sick.  I was telling her that she was going to get better, that this was going to make her better, and at the end of this year she had relapsed.

We were recommended to do a bone marrow transplant, so we had to do a blood drive.  During this blood drive, someone told us about Protocel.  

We heard good news about it.  Other people had experienced success with Protocel.  We bought it.  We put her on it. She was on it for about a month.  We met with the doctor.  We told him, you know, what we were doing.  He had never heard of Protocel so he couldn’t really say anything bad about it, and we asked him, “You know, if we do the bone marrow transplant, what can we expect?”  We were told a 5% survival rate.  That was not good enough.  We said, “No thank you.  We’ll stick with the Protocel.

Every week we took Sydney to the doctor to have her blood work, and we’d also have the spinal fluid checked, and they’d also do bone marrow aspirations. 

There was never any cancer ever again.  It’s been six years now.  She’s in the second grade.  She’s eight years old, and there’s no more cancer!

 I would say to anyone looking, searching for something other than chemotherapy, I would say, “Take courage, and then take charge.”  Thank you.

TANYA:   With cancer now the leading cause of death by disease in children, it is critical for parents to know about alternative non-toxic approaches that are safe and won’t damage their child’s body during their formative years.   Another thing parents MUST consider, if they have a child battling cancer, is that the chemotherapy given their child MAY be carcinogenic!  

This means that, if their child is lucky enough to survive their current cancer, the chemo drugs used may cause a secondary life-threatening cancer to develop in their child’s body years later! 

Alternative non-toxic methods AVOID this type of tragedy.

So, what IS Protocel and how does it work?   Protocel is an inexpensive, easy-to-take liquid formula that was developed by an American chemist named Jim Sheridan.  Jim Sheridan spent about 50 years developing and perfecting this product and Outsmart Your Cancer is the definitive source of published information on this approach.  You can read all about its history and how it works in the book, but for just a brief explanation here, Protocel is based on the concept that ALL cancer cells are primarily anaerobic in their cell respiration, which is how they produce energy for themselves on the cellular level. 

This common characteristic of all cancer cells was proven first by Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Otto Warburg, then confirmed over and over again by other scientists. 

Protocel very ingeniously targets this weakness in a way that eventually starves the cancer cells to death. 

This does not happen overnight, but over time, if used correctly, Protocel can make every cancer cell in a person’s body become so weak that it will literally fall apart.  Thus, Protocel is also a non-toxic approach that directly KILLS cancer!  


This powerful liquid formula was first tested by the National Cancer Institute about 30 years ago.  Between 1978 and 1980, the NCI ran it through their system of animal testing.  They tested it 3 different times.  Each time they totally ignored the instructions Jim Sheridan gave them as to how to administer it to the mice with cancer. 

Thus, by not using it correctly, they ensured its failure. 

Then, in 1990, Jim Sheridan got the NCI to test his formula once more using in vitro testing on 8 different cancer cell lines.  This time, the results were FANTASTIC!   (You can read about these suppressive tactics in the book.)  Since the FDA would not approve Protocel as a cancer treatment, it has been classified and marketed as a dietary supplement.

Coming up are some more amazing Protocel testimonials:


MARY:   My name is Mary.  I am an 80 year old who works five days a week in the home health care field.  Eight years ago my physician told me I had bladder cancer.  Over seven years and several surgical procedures later, my physician found that the cancer had spread to the urethra.  He said I needed to have my bladder removed and wear a bag.

My husband began a diligent search to solve the problem a different way.  May 1st of 2004, I began taking the dietary supplements, Fucoidan, and Protocel four times a day.  Four months later on re-examination, the physician said the bladder was clear. 

From that time on I took the Protocel four times a day.  Then in April of 2005 I had another exam, and my physician said my bladder is normal.  I still continue to take my dietary supplement ProtocelÒ every day, and have timely checkups by my physician.


 JOHN:   My name is John. I’m 24 years old, and I was diagnosed with melanoma June of 2004.  I went to have a mole removed, and they told me some bad news.  In July of 2004, I had surgery.  It was a wide excision to remove the melanoma from my back.  I also had a sentinel node, I believe it was a sentinel node, dissection.  They took out a few of my lymph nodes and one of those ended up being positive for cancer as well.

August 2004 I had all the rest of my lymph nodes removed from underneath my arm and went on to my oncologist, who recommended Interferon for me. 

After doing a little bit of research with Interferon and talking to them (they were really for it and pushing it), I found out that I would have to quit my job or at least go on long-term disability. 

 Most likely I would be pretty much bedridden, have flu-like symptoms, and just a whole mess of things I really didn’t want to get into there. 

I started looking more at Protocel and giving it to myself.  After talking to the doctor about the Interferon, he told me originally that I would have a 35% chance of this going to internal organs through my bloodstream (the cancer), and after the Interferon it would only go down to about 32%.  So, it would only save me about a 3% chance, and I would be bedridden for up to a year.

I really didn’t like that, so I went for the Protocel.  I’ve been taking that for a year now.  My last test did not find any cancer.  

I had a CT scan on my head, chest, abdomen and pelvis, and it seemed to be great.  I’m very happy with Protocel. 

I have another lady that has cancer throughout her body that has been taking it as well.  She’s very happy.  Her doctors are surprised at what they’re seeing, and they love it.  Everybody’s happy with this.  I would recommend it to anybody, and I’m happy that I did not go with the Interferon.


PAM:   Hi.  This is Pam in Michigan.  In January of 2004 I was diagnosed with invasive ductile positive estrogen-driven breast cancer.  It came as an extreme shock to me because I had always spent a lifetime in the field of nutrition and wellness, and doing things to keep my body healthy, so this just came as a total shock. 

Early on, though, immediately I made up my mind that there was no way I was going to have anything to do with anything conventional medicine had to offer.  I wanted nothing to do with chemotherapy, radiation, lumpectomy… I don’t think chemotherapy kills anything except, eventually, the patient.  I’ve just seen too many people go that route, and they just didn’t make it.  And they weakened their system, their immune system.

I just decided I was going to keep myself strong.  I was going to feed my body the things that it needed to fight this.  And I had already heard about an effective treatment.

 The stories that I’d heard, it was extremely effective against not only breast cancer, but cancers of all kinds, and it was a product called Protocel.  And I’d already heard about it a few months before I had been diagnosed, so I had thought if I were ever diagnosed with anything like that, that would be the treatment that I’d choose.

And that’s exactly what I did.  I had a biopsy, because I wanted to know that it was what it was when I beat this thing.  I felt like I could just get on Protocel by itself, and make it go away, but I’m the kind of person that I wanted to be able to tell others that it did what it did for me.

When I had the biopsy, mine exploded with growth.

It was the size of a small grape when I had the biopsy, and after the biopsy within days it was like pouring gasoline on a fire.  It went from the size of a small grape to the size of an egg.  And I went in for my first ultrasound.  I just wanted to go in there and have something to compare to later on, and a doctor burst through the door after he read the scan, and told me this was the fastest growing, most aggressive cancer he had ever seen.  It had spread all through my breast, which it maybe probably had.  I mean, it just got huge. 

And he told me if I didn’t do something and do something soon, that I was going to die a horrid death.  And all I wanted to do was just get out of that room and get away from him.  I knew I had time.  I knew if I had a mastectomy the Protocel would still get on top of what was left there, but I just didn’t feel like I had to mutilate my body and I had to go that route. 

And I just got a little bit more aggressive with Protocel.  I made sure I didn’t go more than six hours without it.

I went to a dose in the night, and just got very aggressive, and within days I had evidence that all growth had stopped.  And I just stayed with that after that.  But if I had listened to the doctors, I would have ended up with a double mastectomy. 

I went in for ultrasounds every so often after I got on the Protocel, and I kept up with the situation and what was going on in my body.  And one of the things that made it extremely easy for me to do that when I got on Protocel was I had ordered Tanya’s book, at the time it was an e-book that you could get online. 

I later purchased the Outsmart Your Cancer (paperback) book that came out.  But that became my second Bible.

 I lived in my first one, and my second one was what I depended on to get me through this situation and know what to do with Protocel, know how to take it, know what to take with it, what not to take with it, what to expect of it… And everything that I needed was in there, and it was a Godsend to have that.

But I was very tired.  Part of the Protocel treatment, some people can be tired from what it does as the body starts to rid itself of the cancer, and the dead cells tend to deteriorate and lyse away.  I just stuck with it.  I stayed with it.  I stayed on it. 

I had an oncologist, and I fired him because he wouldn’t order any scans or any tests, and everything I asked him for he wouldn’t do because I wasn’t doing what he thought I should be doing in his conventional world of medicine.

Doctors tend to look at cancer through cancer-colored glasses. 

 They don’t think sometimes that there are other treatments out there that are effective.  And I have found Protocel to be extremely effective.

I trusted the Lord through this whole thing. I walk very close to the Lord, and I really look to Him for answers. And I was very diligent about making sure that I stayed on what I was supposed to do with Protocel, and it worked for me. 

I kept my immune system strong, and the last scans that I had actually showed that, I wanted a density reading to see how much it had deteriorated, and they didn’t even do a density reading because basically they couldn’t see whether there was any cancer there anymore.  And I’ve had some other type of screening done where it showed that there were no live cancer cells left. 

And I feel that this has been a tremendously effective treatment for me.  

There are other answers out there.  It’s just so important to know what you’re doing ahead of time, and look into this a little bit.  Because when you receive a diagnosis like this, they don’t give you time to think.  And I’m extremely grateful for having known about Protocel.  I’m extremely grateful for the support that I’ve received from some of the people that had been on Protocel, and from the book.  And today, I sit here talking to you, and as far as everything points to the fact that I’m cancer free. 

And there’s more than hope.  There are answers.  And I hope that you don’t necessarily listen to what the doctors tell you when they tell you if you don’t do what they say you have to do, that you’re going to die, which is what they told me.  There are other answers out there, and I found one.  Thank you.

TANYA:   Pam wrote a BOOK about her experience with ProtocelÒ after all her diagnostics could not find any more cancer ¾  and I highly recommend the book to anyone dealing with breast cancer or interested in using ProtocelÒ in general.  Pam used the formula very diligently and aggressively, and in her book she gives excellent information about using it for best results and also describes some interesting symptoms she experienced from her cancer breaking down so fast! 

Her book is called “The Breast Stays Put,” by Pamela Hoeppner, and you can order it from Amazon ¾ or by going to

Another issue that anyone using an alternative approach for cancer should be aware of is that it is imperative NOT TO STOP YOUR ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TOO SOON!  In other words, DO NOT stop as soon as your diagnostic scans say you are “all clear” of cancer.   Do NOT stop the first moment your tumor stops highlighting on an MRI, or the first time your cancer marker numbers are back in the normal range. 

Cancer marker blood tests are helpful tools, but they are not perfect indicators of cancer.  The same thing applies to scans.  Remember, approximately 3 MILLION cancer cells can fit on the head of a pin!  This means that you may get to the point where scans cannot SEE any more cancer in your body . . . but that doesn’t mean that every last cancer cell is gone!  For instance, there could be a little dot on a scan the size of a period on a written page that contains over a million cancer cells.  With all the dark and light areas on the scan, that dot won’t necessarily be visible. 

This is why it is so important to stay on the alternative approach you have chosen for at least 6 months to a year after your diagnostics are all clear, if you can! 

The beauty of alternative approaches is that they are all non-toxic, so it is safe to use them for as long as you want to, to make sure you get rid of every last cancer cell!

Now I’d like to point out one final misunderstanding:  Some people think that alternative treatments for cancer are okay for people who have localized cancers caught early  . . .  but they think that when a person has advanced, metastasized cancer, those people had better go with conventional medicine and take the hard drug treatment. 

In reality, the truth is just the opposite.  Conventional methods such as chemo and radiation can, in a few cases, cure localized cancer caught early . . .  but their track record for curing any type of metastasized cancer is abysmal. 

So, for those people who have been diagnosed with cancer that has already spread into their lymph system, bones, or more than one organ, it is even MORE imperative that they know about alternative methods if they are to save their life.  

Here are even MORE examples of people who HAD metastasized cancer, were told that they were “incurable” by their doctors, then were able to get their cancer to go away using the ProtocelÒ formula.


ARCH:  Hello.  I’m Arch, and I’m 83 years old.  A couple of years ago, I didn’t think I’d live this long  ¾ but here I am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Well, bright-eyed anyway! 

In early June 3 years ago, my doctor found a spot in one lung during a routine chest x-ray.  We had all kinds of trouble getting appointments for follow-up, so it was late July before I got a biopsy on the lung spot.  It was a non-small cell carcinoma. 

CT and PET scans showed something suspicious in my neck and at the base of my tongue.  The thing on the neck was biopsied in August and was a carcinoma of the same type as in the lung.  I spent most of one day with a panel of specialists at a medical center who went over the whole thing.  They didn’t want to commit, but the general consensus was that I had 5 to 15 percent chance of a cure and a life expectancy of  3 to 4 years.  Surgery on the lung was not advised. 

I questioned my doctor about whether we could cure cancer in the lung by any means other than surgery and he said reluctantly, “No, you really can’t”.  All in all, it wasn’t too encouraging. 

Various doctors kept looking for whatever was at the base of my tongue, but it wasn’t until late September that they found a tonsil that just didn’t look right.  In October, I had surgery on the neck and the tonsil.  That wasn’t a lot of fun.  Starting in November, I got radiation to the lung and to the neck and shoulder 5 days a week.  I made them stop the neck and shoulder part early because they were burning me to a “crispy critter” and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Now, to the ProtocelÒ part. 

My doctor gave me a copy of Tanya Pierce’s book Outsmart Your Cancer and suggested I study the info about ProtocelÒ.  Based on that, I began taking Formula 50 in late August. 

The cancer on my neck, which was easy to see, got noticeably smaller during the 6 weeks on Protocel before surgery. 

The surgeon had told me that it was about 6 cm long, but the pathologist found only a

1 cm carcinoma in the yellowish jelly-like material removed during surgery. 

I’ve had CAT scans first every 3 months, now every 6 months.  All have shown no cancer, only some scarring in the lung. 

So I said, “Is it gone?”  He said, “As far as I can tell, it’s gone.  There’s nothing there but a little scar tissue.” 

So I feel that Protocel took that away! At my lowest point in all this, among many low points, I had lost about 30 pounds, had lost my sense of taste, and was very, very tired.  I’m a lot better now, and I’m struggling not to get too fat, but still taking Protocel.  It’s so easy to do and so inexpensive, I think anybody with cancer ought to take it!


TRICIA:   Hi, I’m Tricia.  I live in a small country town in Queensland, Australia.  Back in July of 2006, I was knocking on heaven’s door when I was diagnosed and hospitalized with metastasized estrogen-receptive breast cancer and given no chance of survival by mainstream doctors. 

I had a huge mass in one breast.  The other breast also had abnormal cells. 

Metastases went to my bones.  It was in my skull, shoulders, ribs, pelvis, hips, legs and my spine.  And my bones weren’t just spotted with cancer, they were BLACK with it. 

My spine had deteriorated badly.  I had a broken back, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t keep anything down, not even a sip of water.  It was extremely tiring to speak, my concentration span was very short, and my pain was excruciating.  The doctors were amazed that I hadn’t severed my spinal cord. 

No cancer was ever removed from me.  I had titanium rods screwed into both my hips and upper legs down to my knees so that those bones wouldn’t break.  On my second day in hospital, the medical oncologist came into my room to discuss a palliative treatment plan with me.  I insisted on doing an alternate treatment which I had started taking that day.  My treatment choice was Protocel.  

I am grateful to this day that my oncologist wrote it up on my hospital chart so his nursing staff was able to give it to me as I wasn’t able to at that time.  Protocel was the first treatment I used for my cancer and it was the main treatment. 

I was in hospital for 2 months and then sent home in a wheelchair to palliative care.  From the beginning of my ordeal, I went from lying flat on my back in bed for months, unable to roll, to a wheelchair, to walking frames, to a cane, until I was finally able to give that cane a flick. 

It was recommended that I do some radiation treatment, so I allowed 5 doses of radiation to my spine to try and stop it from crumbling any further.  Because of the cancer damage to my bones, I am now much shorter than I once was. 

I also chose to do 4 doses of chemo.  That was in 2006.  I hoped this way my body would cope a little better.  I thought by doing the chemo, it would buy me some time for Protocel to get on top of things. 

Although the chemo produced a small reduction in tumor size, there was still a large mass there.  I took Tamoxifen for about 5 months and then stopped.  I felt really uncomfortable taking it as I was concerned it would compromise ProtocelÒ‘s effectiveness.   I also refused hormone injections and further radiation treatment.  I used supplements that were compatible with Protocel, I discarded all toxic products from m home and my diet, I meditated, I cleared my mind of stress. 

I took one day at a time.  I just kept on taking Protocel every 4 hours around the clock, and gradually my pain became less so I was able to back off the pain medication until, eventually, I didn’t need any pain meds at all. 

It took me about a year to become pain-free and have my quality of life and independence back.  If you looked at me today, I look no different than any other healthy person you’d pass on the street.

 Because I chose not to go with all the medical recommendations, I was told I would definitely have progression of disease to my major organs. 

To date, scans of my major organs are clear, my bloods are almost perfect, and nothing can be detected in the breast.  And I’ve been told that whatever I’m doing is working and to keep doing it. 

One oncology doctor told me that in over 30 years of working in oncology, he has never seen anything like this before and was very interested in what I was doing. 

I would not be where I am today without Protocel, and it is another option for others if they choose.  I’ve stayed focused, positive and determined, and that goal of mine to be able to say I am “cancer-free” is definitely closer.  So, I say, “Never, ever, ever give up.  There is always hope and anything’s possible!”


HERB:   My name is Herb.  I am 73 years old.  Thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ and, without the intensive and thorough research of Tanya Harter Pierce, I probably wouldn’t be here. 

I am a cancer survivor.  My story started at age 58 when, after a biopsy and an ultrasound, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I live on the central coast of California and was told that one of the foremost prostate doctors in the country was at Stanford, just 200 miles from me. 

It took 6 weeks to see him, at which time he confirmed the diagnosis.  My PSA was 11.5 at the time.  He suggested and did a radical prostectomy, removing the prostate.  

All seemed good for 13 years until, after a routine blood test, my local doctor asked, “Is there some reason why your PSA is 135?”  I said, “Cancer must be back!” 

In April of ’06, she scheduled my first PET scan which showed widespread osseous (bone) metastases in my spine, ribs, pelvis and right femur.  I had been having a lot of pain and now I knew why.  And it began to get worse.  So she put me on Fentanyl pain patches. 

Many years earlier, my wife and I had decided from seeing friends suffer from traditional cancer treatments in which they were totally miserable, that we would never go that way if cancer came or returned to either of us. 


Consequently, I went to an alternative cancer care clinic in Santa Barbara for 3 weeks.  It involved and included daily nutritional I.V.’s, radical diet change, many food supplements, shark cartilage, cesium, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, massage, coffee enemas, hyperthermia bed, thymus and colon therapy. 

It was very expensive and for the most part wasn’t covered by insurance because it was not the traditional treatment ¾ which would have been covered totally if I had gone to Stanford and received chemo and radiation.  By the way, I have never taken any chemo or radiation. 

That summer, we went to visit my daughter in Colorado.  While there, a friend of hers lent me her copy of Outsmart Your Cancer, which I read through while I was there. 

Then in October of ’06, I had my second PET scan.  After all the aforementioned treatments, it was much worse.  It showed a progression of metastases and significant increases in the number of lesions and suggested the (continued) progression of metastases as considered more likely. 

On October 18 of 2006, I started on Protocel Formula 23. 

Within 2 weeks, I noticed less pain and I discontinued the pain patches.  I also felt less lethargic. 

I was diligent about taking ProtocelÒfive times every 24 hours.  I never missed a dose.  I have a cell phone which has 5 alarm times which helped a lot.  But at this point, my PSA was out of control.  By the time I made an appointment and went up to Stanford, it had risen to 762.  They put me on Casodex for 2 weeks and then a shot of Lupron. 

They told me that the hormone therapy would reduce my PSA, but would do nothing for my cancer. 

I had 3 Lupron shots 3 months apart which eventually lowered my PSA to .01.  The downside of Lupron is that it takes your libido away and makes sex only a pleasant memory.  And it also gives you hot flashes.  If I had known about ProtocelÒin the beginning, I never would have gone through the impotence and incontinence and all that goes along with that, because it was a struggle for years. 

It’s my contention that, if I’d have done Protocel early on with 11.5 PSA, I’m almost sure that I’d still have my prostate and I wouldn’t have any cancer. 

In April of ’07, 6 months after my last bad scan, and also 6 months using Protocel, I took another PET scan.  My daughter in Colorado is a chiropractor and I had the scan report scheduled to be FAXED to her.  She got it before I did.   She phoned and said, “Dad, put on your dancing shoes!”  It read, “Marked improvement on the previous pattern of widespread osseous metastatic disease.  No new bone lesions are seen and the previous have nearly resolved.” 

My next test was a bone scan on 2/11/09.  It reads, “No definite evidence of osseous metastatic disease is identified!”  Thank you, Lord.  Hopefully, my story will encourage and help others.

TANYA:   Those were truly miraculous recoveries!  At least in the eyes of conventional medicine!   I do believe that, if the most successful alternative treatments could be embraced by mainstream cancer organizations, doctors and clinics everywhere, then these types of recoveries would  become commonplace and would no longer be seen as miracles.

Sometimes people can use chemo or radiation along with an alternative method for a short while, but many times it is best to stop all toxic treatments altogether. 

For instance, Jim Sheridan wrote that chemotherapy can bring the percentage of success down for those people using his formula for cancer.  There are only two chemo drugs known to be compatible with Protocel and these are discussed in the book.  However, it is likely that any other type of chemo will significantly interfere with Protocel’s effectiveness.

Last but not least, it is also important to know that Protocel may not work well when hormone-blocking drugs are used at the same time. 

See Chapter 20 to find out why testosterone-blocking drugs for prostate cancer, such as Lupron, may actually make a man’s cancer grow faster even though it brings his PSA score down!

And most women today with estrogen-positive breast cancer are convinced by their doctor to take an estrogen-blocking drug such as Tamoxifen.  So they try to use Tamoxifen at the same time as Protocel.   

I’ve come across a number of cases where women did not do as well as expected on Protocel while they were using Tamoxifen.  Tamoxifen DOES alter the metabolism of breast cancer cells, by putting the cancer cells into a sort of “sleep state,” and, since Protocel interacts with the metabolism of cancer cells, this alteration MAY make it harder for ProtocelÒ to do its job effectively.

So, women who wish to use an estrogen-blocking drug for breast cancer might do better to choose a different approach than Protocel. 


One approach, presented in Outsmart Your Cancer, that DOES appear to work well with Tamoxifen is called “Poly-MVA.”  This is a more recent method that is having great results and getting a lot of attention in the alternative cancer treatment field.   Poly-MVA is also a liquid formula, and it also directly kills cancer.  But it works on the cancer cells in a completely different way than ProtocelÒ does.  For details on how Poly-MVA works and the research chemist who developed it, see Chapter 17.

I hope you have enjoyed this recording!  All of the testimonials on this CD are true, and they are also only a fraction of the number of truly remarkable cancer recoveries I’ve come across. 

As you have heard, many people have been able to put themselves into remission or even cure themselves completely of their cancer AFTER they were told they were “incurable” with conventional methods.   

So, if you are one of those people who has been given a “Death Sentence” by your doctor, keep in mind that there are two completely different worlds out there when it comes to treating cancer. 

 What is considered a “Death Sentence” in one  . . .  may NOT be in the other. 

If you carefully consider ALL of your options, you might just surprise your doctor and live!

Thank you for listening!