Protocel information in just minutes, you can
be reading critical information.

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Protocel® eBook

If you are battling cancer, you DESERVE to know about PROTOCEL!

This is the Electronic Version of just Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 in Tanya Harter Pierce’s Paperback Book!

For just $15.00 and no shipping charge, you can IMMEDIATELY start reading this eBook that gives you just the Protocel section of the larger book Outsmart Your Cancer.

The Protocel eBook is 138 pages long, and at the end of it you will ALSO receive an extra 26 pages of the Audio CD “Everyday Miracles” transcribed into written form!

When you order this eBook, you’ll be able to easily download it to your computer via an email link.

For those who are only interested in the Protocel information! In just minutes, you can be reading critical information from your screen, or printing the eBook out on your printer at home!

When you order this eBook you will be receiving a download link email to download it. Please be sure to NOT try to download the eBook(s) to your smart phone or tablet because it is too large a file for those devices. Only download from a personal computer.