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Case Stories

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All of the following written case stories were collected by Tanya Harter Pierce, author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER, and are from people who used one or more of the alternative approaches presented in her book.


Case Story from book, p. 108 — Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Mary Jo is a woman whose cancer recovery story has been written up in numerous publications.  In 1991, when Mary Jo was only 40 years old, she was diagnosed with low grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  It was 100 percent follicular lymphoma, and she consulted with physicians at USC, UCLA, Stanford Medical Center in California, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  They all told her that there was no conventional treatment that could cure her cancer.  The Dana-Farber Institute offered Mary Jo an autologous bone marrow transplant with high-dose radiation as her best chance for recovery.  This treatment procedure is extremely risky and can cause serious side effects, including death.  Mary Jo decided to turn it down. 

Not wanting to give up, Mary Jo and her husband researched other options that might be available and eventually found out about Burzynski’s treatment.  In 1992, Mary Jo flew to Houston and started on antineoplaston therapy.  For about the first two months she took the antineoplastons in capsule form. This involved 60 capsules a day.  But the capsule regimen did not seem to be working effectively enough on her cancer, so she then switched to using an “infusion pump.”  This is the most effective way to administer antineoplaston therapy, and involves carrying around a small pump that is attached to a catheter surgically inserted into the chest.  The pump releases a constant slow drip of antineoplastons into the body for about 10 hours a day.  Mary Jo says that this pump was not difficult to deal with, and that she could basically do everything she would normally do without any problem.  She also says there were no side effects from the treatment.

After 9 months of treatment on the infusion pump, Mary Jo was pronounced in remission
by both her oncologist at UCLA and by Dr. Burzynski.  She remained in remission for about
two years, when two swollen lymph nodes indicated a possible recurrence.  It was never
determined whether her enlarged nodes were really the cancer recurring or just a reaction
to a cold or infection.   But just to be safe, Burzynski put her back on treatment immediately.
After only three months on capsule treatment, a follow-up CT scan showed Mary Jo in remission again.  She has been cancer free ever since, which, at the time of this writing has
been for the past 11 years!

Case Story from Book, p. 96 — Lung Cancer Metastasized to Liver, Pancreas, and Adrenals

In 1991, a 70-year old man named Mort was diagnosed after X-ray and surgery with lung cancer.  CT scans then showed that his cancer had already spread to his liver, pancreas and adrenals.  His oncologist recommended no treatment, indicating that there was none available that could help Mort.  Within 2 months, Mort’s wife found out about Dr. Gonzalez and Mort started on the Gonzalez-Isaacs program.  In four months, Mort’s tests indicated he was improving.  Five years after his diagnosis, Mort was still alive and doing well.⁸

Case Story from Book, p. 219 — Metastasized Prostate Cancer

Cliff Beckwith is an American man who has done a great deal to spread the word about the use of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese for cancer.  (I use his full name here because, for years, he publicly posted his story on his website.) 

In January of 1991, Cliff was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Initial bone scans and other tests indicated that the cancer had not spread, so surgery was recommended.  During the operation, however, Cliff’s surgeon discovered that his cancer had in fact metastasized to his lymph glands.  Because of this, Cliff was diagnosed as stage IV, and the operation was not completed. His doctor said that, since the cancer was in his lymph system, it would not do any good to cut it out locally at the prostate gland. 

At that point, it was decided to use the drugs Lupron and Eulexin to block his production of testosterone. Cliff went on the drugs, but in the meantime, he also found out about Dr. Budwig’s flaxseed oil and cottage cheese approach.  He read that most people are about 80 percent deficient in omega-3 and that Dr. Budwig had worked with cancer patients who sometimes had only a few hours to live and restored them to health. 

So Cliff gave it a try. For two and a half years he put about half a cup of cottage cheese and some fruit, such as crushed pineapple or frozen strawberries, mixed with just 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil and a little honey, in the refrigerator. He ate that throughout the day.  When he was first diagnosed, Cliff’s PSA count was 75.  After just six months of eating the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese on a daily basis, Cliff had another PSA test done.  He got a call from his doctor’s office the following Monday and the office girl exclaimed, “Mr. Beckwith!  Your count is completely normal!”  Cliff’s PSA was down to 0.1.

For the first four years, Cliff continued to get PSA readings at six month intervals, and every time, his count was between 0.0 and 0.16.  He had continued on the hormone blockade throughout these years, so the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture was not the only thing he was doing.  Cliff knew that the hormone-blocking drugs could also effectively lower PSA counts for a while.  But when he asked his doctor if he had expected the counts to go down that much, the doctor said, “No way!”

After 1995, Cliff was no longer on the Eulexin and Lupron and was just using flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.  In the years since stopping the hormone-blocking drugs, his PSA level has varied just a little more.  As of this writing, in August 2003, Cliff is still doing great and has no
clinical signs of metastasis to other organs.  He is 82 years old, and his PSA count has remained in a normal range for a man of his age.  Best of all, Cliff has already lived about 12 years longer than his doctor thought he would. 

Over the years, Cliff has helped many people with his Internet site and also with an audiotape about flaxseed oil and cottage cheese that he created to give out to people who needed information.  He has known of over 100 people who have successfully used this method of treatment to help them recover from all types of cancer.  He has even known some stories of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese working to help dogs recover
from cancer.

Unfortunately, Cliff has also known people who were getting well using the FSO/CC combination (their cancer markers were going down, symptoms were going away, etc.), but were convinced by their doctors to do more chemotherapy or radiation.  Many of these people who had been beating their cancer by replenishing their essential omega fatty acids then died after doing conventional treatment.  Apparently, many of these people’s doctors could see that their patient was recovering from cancer but couldn’t accept that they were doing it without the help of
conventional medicine.


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