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All of the following written case stories were collected by Tanya Harter Pierce, author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER, and are from people who used one or more of the alternative approaches presented in her book.


Case Story from Book, p. 220 - Metastasized Pancreatic Cancer

William is a 72-year old man whose friends and family have always called “Huck”. About 10 years ago, at the end of 1993, Huck suddenly became very ill. He was overcome with extreme pain and nausea, and was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room. Doctors there were unable to find the problem, so they sent him home. However, the symptoms kept returning, with Huck suffering from about half-dozen painful attacks by the end of January. He was finally admitted to the hospital in late January1994 to undergo more tests. The doctors suspected a problem with his pancreas but hospital tests still showed nothing. A CT scan also showed nothing unusual.

Because of his severe pain, Huck requested that his gallbladder be removed in case that was the problem. This surgery was done on February 7 and went smoothly. For a few days, Huck seemed to feel better, but then the pain returned in the same place it had been before. He saw some other specialists, but they couldn’t find anything, either. Toward the end of April, Huck had lost 50 pounds and suffered his worst attack of pain ever.

Finally, in May 1994, another CT scan was done, and this time it showed some serious changes in his pancreas. The doctors could now see that Huck’s pancreas had tripled in size since his first scan in January. He was referred to a pancreatic surgeon, who tried an endoscopic procedure to learn more details of what was going on. Unfortunately, that did not reveal anything either. So the next day, Huck went into surgery. After opening him up, the surgeon found malignant pancreatic cancer that had metastasized (stage IV). Huck’s primary tumor in the pancreas was about the size of two slightly flattened lemons. It was also obvious now that the tumor had reached out and grown around the blood vessel running between the pancreas and liver, as well as around another primary blood vessel. The surgeon knew there was no way he could surgically remove all of the cancer and didn’t even try to cut it out. The only thing the surgeon did before sewing Huck back up was to take a few fine needle biopsy samples. (The needle biopsies came back from the lab indicating that the type of pancreatic cancer was “adenocarcinoma”.) After surgery, Huck was told he would probably not live more than 3 months. Huck and his wife, Nan, were told that neither chemotherapy nor radiation would help, so no treatment was recommended.

Huck and Nan left the hospital with a terrible diagnosis, but they didn’t give up. They looked into alternative approaches. First, Huck started drinking six 12-ounce glasses of fresh vegetable juices each day and improved his diet. By the end of June, he also started getting Laetrile treatments at an alternative clinic. Every day (except Sundays) for three weeks, he received intravenous Laetrile along with DMSO and massive amounts of vitamin C. After that, Huck switched to oral Laetrile tablets. Huck added other supplements to his daily regimen, too, as well as Essiac Tea. Then, around mid-August, Huck and Nan found out about flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, so he started taking 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil with 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese after every meal. His total intake of oil was 3 tablespoons a day.
Huck never did any conventional treatment for his cancer but gradually began to feel better and better. In December 1994, he was feeling very well and had put back on 25 pounds. Another CT scan was performed, and unbelievably, just seven months after being diagnosed with metastasized pancreatic cancer, his doctor could not find anything abnormal on the scan at all! The doctor was stunned. He called in the radiologist to look at the scan with him, but the radiologist could not find any cancer or anything else out of the ordinary, either.

On December 28, 1994, a blood test was taken to measure levels of a pancreatic cancer marker. This test is called the CA-19-9. For this test, the normal range is between 0 and 37. Huck’s test came back at 17. Over the years, Huck continued to get regular CT scans. Every time, the results showed him to be clear of cancer. In April 1997, he had another CA-19-9 test done. His count this time was 14.
Over a few years, Huck gradually stopped using the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese as well as the Laetrile tablets. He went back to eating a normal, healthy diet, and he continues to take some supplements. He has had no recurrence of cancer since, and his doctor has had a hard time believing it. At first, Huck would receive a phone call from his doctor’s office about every 3 months, just to see how he was doing. After a while, his doctor’s office only called him every 6 months, then once a year. Finally, the doctor’s office stopped calling him.

Huck’s story is truly an amazing one. People who are diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer are given virtually no chance for long-term recovery by standard medical practices. Probably, everything Huck did worked together to help him get well. Laetrile treatment can be a very powerful approach but does not appear to have high success rates for metastasized cancer when the intravenous part of the treatment is only done for three weeks. Usually, patients must keep coming back for intravenous Laetrile treatments in order to fully recovery. Although it is hard to be sure, Huck and Nan believe the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese combination had the biggest impact.


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