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All of the following written case stories were collected by Tanya Harter Pierce, author of OUTSMART YOUR CANCER, and are from people who used one or more of the alternative approaches presented in her book.


Case Story from Book, p. 271 – Metastasized Ovarian Cancer

Sixty-one-year-old Merille (pronounced Marilee) had not been feeling well for some time when she went to her doctor in January 2002. A CT scan showed fluid in her lungs and, since one of the causes of this could be cancer, she was referred to a specialist at the Mayo Clinic. More tests at the Mayo Clinic revealed tumors on both of Merille’s ovaries as well as in her lymph system. A blood test for the ovarian cancer marker “CA-125” showed her to have a count of almost 800. (The normal, healthy range for the CA-125 is a count of around 34 or below.)

Merille was rushed into surgery to have her uterus and ovaries removed. After the surgery, biopsies were done on the tumors and the diagnosis came back “ovarian cancer, stage IIIC”. At this point, Merille’s oncologist recommended chemotherapy but told her there was no cure for her type of cancer. The implication was that the best conventional medicine could do would be to manage her cancer for as long as they could, but that she would always have it. Merille did not know of any other option but to go with her doctor’s recommendation, so she followed her surgery with six rounds of chemotherapy.
When the chemotherapy was completed, Merille’s CA-125 had gone down to a count of 9 and she was pronounced in remission. But as is common after chemotherapy, her count immediately started going back up. By March 2003, her CA-125 was up to 84 and her cancer was obviously back. Merille now had new tumors in her abdomen and also in her neck area around her collar bone. Her Mayo Clinic oncologist pronounced that “the chemo had failed”. At this point, the doctors performed more surgery on Merille, but they could not remove all her cancer. They recommended more rounds of chemotherapy, but at the same time told Merille there was a significant risk that further chemo would damage her heart. Merille was forced to make a difficult decision and she decided to decline more chemo and look for alternatives instead.

Merille’s daughter found out about cesium high pH therapy using liquid ionic minerals. Merille was able to contact an experienced consultant and start on liquid ionic cesium and liquid ionic potassium immediately. She also began to take other supportive liquid minerals and supplements. Within three months, all her tumors disappeared and her cancer marker test had gone from 84 down to 23. Now her CA-125 was back in the normal range. Merille’s doctor at the Mayo Clinic was amazed and wondered what she was doing. When she told him, he just said, “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Merille reduced her dosage of liquid minerals at this point, but her next MRI three months later showed her marker results to be up another 10 points. So she went back on the full dose of cesium and other minerals and her marker results began to go back down again. By January 2004, her CA-125 marker was all the way down to 12, and she had no clinical signs of cancer at all. The latest CA-125 test, taken in April 2004, was 6.4 – the lowest it has ever been.

Merille did nothing other than the cesium high pH therapy while she was recovering from her metastasized ovarian cancer. To ensure that she stays free of cancer, she is continuing to take the liquid minerals and supportive supplements. Merille says she took the cesium five days out of each week, followed by two days off. (During those two days, she continued the liquid ionic potassium and other supplements, though.) She took potassium four times a day and cesium twice a day with the ratio of potassium to cesium being five to one. This way, it was easy to avoid potassium deficiency.

Merille also says that she felt very good during her treatment, with only mild detoxing symptoms and sporadic diarrhea. And she only experienced a little tingling and numbness around the nose and mouth at times. All in all, it was a truly easy and miraculous recovery!


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