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Mission Statement

This website has been written and created by Tanya Harter Pierce, author of Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work, 2nd Ed.

In Tanya’s own words:

If you are facing a cancer diagnosis or trying to help a loved one with cancer, it is normal to feel scared and confused. I have the deepest sympathy for what you are going through and understand the pressure you may be feeling from your doctor, family, or friends to get your chemo and/or radiation treatments immediately.

Unfortunately, this website does not provide a consultation service for
people facing cancer and I cannot answer questions about individual cases.

If I did, I could be accused of practicing medicine without a license. The best way I can help is to provide you with information on some of the most effective alternative options that have real, solid track records of success and present to you TRUE cases of people who have had success with alternatives. That way, you can make a fully-informed treatment decision for yourself.

Along with this practical goal, it is my mission to help more and more people understand the fact that alternative approaches for cancer are based on solid scientific principles and generally have better track records at bringing about long-term cures than conventional treatments.

The proof-of-the-pudding, of course, is when real-life cancer patients
are pronounced incurable by conventional doctors, but then go on to
achieve complete cures using an alternative method!

You will come across many such cases on this website alone. It is also my intent to promote other authors’ books or DVDs that provide good information as well.

Regarding Protocel. Even though I devote more written space and testimonies to the Protocel approach than any other, that does NOT mean I believe it is necessarily the best choice for every case. Many remarkable recoveries in my book are from people using Cesium High pH Therapy, The Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Approach, Burzynski’s Antineoplastons, Dr. Kelley’s Enzyme Therapy, or other powerful alternative treatments.

There are MANY ways to cure cancer through non-toxic methods, and
no single approach is better than all the others for every case.

I merely devote more space to Protocel because my book happens to be the leading book in print about it, and an important part of my mission is to help inform the public of this relatively unknown yet powerful approach!